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Local Development Plan

Who we are?

On 1st April 2015 planning powers transferred from the Department of the Environment (DOE) to the Derry City and Strabane District Council. 

The Council now also have powers of Local Development Plan (LDP), Development Management and Enforcement which it will implement in cases where planning laws have been breached.

We, as the LDP Team are responsible for producing the LDP for our District.

What is LDP?

The purpose of the Derry City and Strabane District LDP, is to inform the general public, statutory authorities, developers and other interested bodies of the policy framework and land use proposals that will implement the strategic objectives of the Regional Development Strategy and guide development decisions within Derry City and Strabane District up to 2030.

Our new LDP will be prepared within the context of the Council’s Corporate Plan and will co-ordinate with the Community Planning process to enable us to plan positively for the future of our District. It will ensure that lands are appropriately zoned and that our infrastructure is enhanced to develop the District for future generations.

The LDP must also take account of the regional policy context set by the Northern Ireland Executive and Central Government Departments. This includes, amongst others, the Sustainable Development Strategy, Regional Development Strategy and the Strategic Planning Policy Statement - published in September 2015.

The LDP will comprise two separate documents that will shape development within our District over the period to 2030   

  1. The Plan Strategy
  2. The Local Policies Plan

The LDP will, on adoption of both its component plan documents, replace the Strabane Area Plan 1986 – 2001 and the Derry Area Plan 2011 and the suite of Planning Policy Statements (PPS’s) that were produced by the Department of the Environment.


Until such times as the LDP is adopted, the relevant Area Plans currently applicable to our District are the Derry Area Plan 2011, adopted in May 2000 and the Strabane Area Plan 2001, adopted in April 1991. Click on the following link to view an online version of the Derry Area Plan and its associated documents. https://www.planningni.gov.uk/index/policy/dev_plans/devplans_az/derry_2011.htm

The Strabane Area Plan was not produced electronically at its time of adoption and hard copies can be viewed or purchased at the Council Offices in Derry or Strabane during normal office hours.


The Timetable sets out Derry City and Strabane District Council's programme for the production of its Local Development Plan (LDP) and includes details of the key stages in the process.

Local Development Plan (LDP) Timetable

What are we asking the public to do?

Prior to us making any formal decision we want your preliminary input.

As part of IMPROVE, an EU funded project by the Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020 programme which aims to facilitate the public in helping your Council produce better public services in this district, we would like you to give your early feedback on significant planning issues that the LDP will need to consider as part of its preparation.

It is important that all our citizens with an interest in the future development of our District over this time period become engaged in this LDP process. We will also be consulting with Councillors, consultation bodies and stakeholder groups.

Derry City and Strabane District Council is very keen for the community to get involved at an early stage in the planning process.  Anyone who wishes to get involved is encouraged to do so. This IMPROVE project is being piloted by the Council and will be subject to future review. Derry City and Strabane District stresses that any comments received as part of this IMPROVE project in relation to any of the planning topics which will inform the LDP will not be treated as formal representations to the LDP. Rather they will be used as initial input to guide the preliminary preparation of the LDP. When formal representations to the LDP are sought at the relevant consultation stages of the LDP process, citizens will be made aware through local press advertisements and Council’s usual social media outlets. It is anticipated that such formal consultation will commence in mid-2017.

As well as the formal public consultations that will be held at various stages throughout the LDP process, via this webpage we are seeking the public’s initial views on a range of topics, which will help inform the Preferred Options Paper (POP) and therefore the Plan Strategy and the Local Policies Plan. 

As part of the LDP preparation process we have begun to gather information and baseline data on a range of key topics that will inform the content of your LDP.


What is the benefit?

The community, residents groups, forums and elected members provide a voice for the local community.

Early public participation will open up the lines of communication between Council and the community.  It will enable Council to see the public’s main areas of importance and we will inform your Elected Representatives of your comments prior to the Council making any decision making. 

These benefits apply when public participation is a two-way process—where both the public and the Council can learn and gain benefit. Effective public participation allows the public’s values to be identified and incorporated into decisions that ultimately affect them.



As part of the LDP preparation process we have begun to gather information and baseline data on a range of key topics that will inform the content of your LDP.


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