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Museums and Visitor Service


The Guildhall’s Millionth Visitor

As one of the most recognisable landmarks of our city, the Guildhall stands majestic on the banks of the Foyle, overlooking The Peace Bridge on the one side, and the historic City Walls on the other.

Named in honour of its connection to the City of London and its Guilds, The  Guildhall was first opened in 1890, financed by The Honourable The Irish Society, with whom the city has enjoyed a long (and fruitful) history.
The Guildhall has been lovingly restored to its former glory in 2013 after 2 years of restoration work.

A focal point for locals and visitors alike the Guildhall boasts some of the finest examples of stain-glassed windows in the whole of Ireland.  It is also home to the Derry City and Strabane District Council and to the Mayors Parlour.  Furthermore, on display is an impressive exhibition on The Plantation of Ulster.  One of the most beautiful attractions of the building is the 3132 pipe organ, which was originally financed by public subscription in 1914. 

As one of the major visitor attractions in the city we welcome visitors from all over the world through our doors, and today we were particularly pleased to announce our millionth visitor to the Guildhall since the restoration in 2013, Kevin and Christine Keenan from Randalstown.  

We look forward to welcoming many more local and international visitors to the Guildhall.   


The Museum and Visitor Service aims is to promote a greater awareness of our shared cultural heritage through collecting and conserving evidence from the past and putting these collections on display.


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