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brick wonders competition

6th Feb - 8th May ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Nerve Centre

The amazing Brick Wonders exhibition will becoming to Derry~Londonderry and will be the first time ever in the island of Ireland. Using LEGO® bricks, artist Warren Elsmore creates stunning scenes witheasy-to-follow instructions. Designed with only standard LEGO pieces, Warren's talent lies in choosing exactly the right parts to enable the reader to recreate these icons of history in their own home. Brick Wonders also takes a look at
new wonders of the world; treasures from the past millennium that remain standing today.  

International Images of Science Exhibition

18th - 28th ​Feb ~ 9am - 5pm ~ Nerve Centre

The 2015 International Images for Science exhibition features an extraordinary variety of images – from highly technical to highly conceptual, from entrants who are imaging professionals to those who are enthusiastic amateurs, showing subjects from the scale of atoms to the scale of the Universe. The exhibition showcases intriguing andawe-inspiring imagery, revealing the diverse ways in which photography records, documents and communicates modern science, often with images captured with types of light that are beyond human vision.

The Colour of Science

27th Feb ~ 11am - 4pm ~ Shopping Centres In Derry

The Colour of Science is a family event and will provide demonstrations and interactive activities based around colour, how the eyes see colour and how the brain interprets colour, it will be kept and the appropriate level for the target audience. There will be experiments including chromatography, elephants toothpaste, surface water tension, food colour experiments, how the eye sees colour, investigate digital colour, LED activities and much more, all facilitated by Culture TECH and STEM Aware. This will be open to the public. 

Scinnovate Your Classroom! 

22nd - 26th Feb ~ TBC ~ Schools Throughout DCSDC

Classroom workshops that will innovatively enthuse, all things of science to the hands and minds of young schools pupils and their teachers. These workshops will be an opportunity to get curious and creative about science investigations, to experience the scientific process of enquiry and help develop fair testing procedures and reasoning. Each activity will be innovative, engaging and challenging and yet simple, potentially noisy and most likely messy but all well worth it. Facilitated by STEM Aware. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein. 

Curious Communities with Special Guest Speaker Emer Maguire

23rd - 29th Feb ~ 5pm - 8pm~ Derry & Strabane Cultural Hubs

Curious Communities project was developed through Derry City and Strabane District Council’s – Science and Innovation programme which brings exciting and fun interactive science activities to community hubs throughout the district.  Activities include Science experiments, FabLab and Minecraft.  During the NI Science Festival our Curious Communities event will have special guest Emer Maguire won last year’s Famelab NI final, won the UK final and got to top 3 in the world.

Space Camp Reunion

29th Feb ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Tower Museum

Derry City and Strabane District Council’s – Science and Innovation programme held a highly successful Space Camp during the summer of 2015 facilitated by STEM Aware.  We are reuniting all of our Space Camp buddies together again and will include a space movie with footage from the 15th Dec event of Tim Peake going to the ISS plus pop up space activities plus an exhibit of all of the summer Space Camp photos on display.  This event will be invitation only from 10am to 1pm and the public will be able to access from 1pm to 4pm to take part in all of the activities.  More details can be found on our website: www.scinnovate.co.

Exploding Custard! 

27th Feb ~ TBC ~ Ebrington Square

The ‘Experimental Kitchen in Derry’ will open the door to the science of food and teach some neat cooking tricks on the way. The project will look at experiments with thickening, fixing, gelling and molecular cooking, employing techniques such as air and foam. A scientific jump will explore multi-sensory cooking and food pairing with molecular similarities. Experiments on multi-sensory cooking include sounds of food and other experiments that show that appreciation of food is determined by the information sent to the brain.

For further information please contact Elsa Edwards, Derry City & Strabane District Council, 028 71253253 or email [email protected].