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Cuture Night at The Void

Start Date: 21 September 2018

End Date: 21 September 2018

Time: From 7pm

Venue: The Void

Address: Patrick St, Derry

Admission: Free

Website: www.derryvoid.com

Off-Site: Walker Plinth, Derry City Walls
7pm – 7.40pm: The Astronomic Weather Choir by Alex Cecchetti
Join us as a choir sing every variation in a landscape as if they were in front of a music
score. From the clouds in the sky, to the breeze on top of the trees, from the celestial
movement of the moon to the flickering appearing of the first stars of the evening, the
choir will sing atmospheric events like rain and fog and also astronomical events that will
happen in front of them, such as the movements of astral objects.
In association with the Siege Museum and Derry City Walls.
On-Site - Void Gallery
8pm – 9pm: Children’s Treasure Trail
Using a treasure trail to explore our current exhibition At the Gates of the Music Palace,
ignite your children imagination and inspire them to think about Art.
Members of the public are invited to join musician Daryl Martin as he plays Alex
Cecchetti’s work 500,00 Azaleas and dancer Zoe Ramsey as she activates the work Music