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Planning Services Relocating to Council Buildings

Planning Services in Derry City and Strabane District Council are to relocate from the current Orchard House building to the Council offices in Derry and Strabane.

Planning functions will be fully operational in Strand Road, Derry from Wednesday 15th June 2016. The Planning clinic will remain available in the Derry Road offices in Strabane every Wednesday from 9.30am-4.30pm.

There will be no changes to service during the relocation and members of the public are advised that all services will remain fully operational in Orchard House until Wednesday 15th June. 

Members of the public are advised that anyone with specific planning related queries should contact 0300 200 7830 or email [email protected] for further information. 


For planning information, application forms, planning fees and planning applications please visit the planning portal:   http: //www.planningni.gov.uk/

Making Representations on Applications

if you would like to attend the Planning committee to exercise your speaking rights and make representation on a particular application please contact:

[email protected]


Weekly Applications Advertised 

Mon 21st May Derry | Strabane

Mon 15th May Derry | Stabane

Mon 8th May Derry | Strabane

Mon 1st May Derry  | Strabane

Mon 24th April  Derry | Strabane 

Mon 17th April  Derry | Strabane | FEI Arntz Belting

Mon 11th  April  Derry |   Strabane

Mon 3rd April  Derry |   Strabane

Mon 27th March  Derry  |   Strabane

Mon 20th March  Derry  |   Strabane

Mon 13th March   Derry  |   Strabane

Mon 6th March   Derry  |   Strabane

Mon 27th February Derry | Strabane

Mon 20th February Derry | Strabane

Mon 13th February Derry | Strabane

Mon 6th February  Derry | Strabane

Mon 30th January  Derry | Strabane

Mon 23rd January  Derry | Strabane

Mon 16th January  Derry | Strabane

Mon 9th January  Derry | Strabane

Mon 2nd January  Derry | Strabane

Mon 26th December Derry | Strabane

Mon 20th December Derry | Strabane

Mon 12th December Derry | Strabane

Mon 5th December Derry | Strabane

Mon 28th November Derry | Strabane

Mon 21st November  Derry | Strabane

Mon 14th November  Derry | Strabane

Mon 7th November  Derry | Strabane

Mon 31st October Derry | Strabane

Mon 24th October Derry | Strabane

Mon 17th October Derry | Strabane

Mon 10th October Derry | Strabane

Mon 3rd October Derry | Strabane

Mon 26th September Derry | Strabane

Mon 12th September Derry | Strabane | Environmental Statement

Mon 05th September Derry | Strabane

Mon 29th August Derry | Strabane

Mon 22nd August Derry | Strabane

Mon 15th August Derry | Strabane

Mon 8th August  Derry | Strabane | Galliagh  | Ballyhanedin | Meenaghmullagh

Mon 18th July Derry | Strabane

Mon 11th July Derry | Strabane

Mon 4th July Derry | Strabane

Mon 27th June Derry | Strabane

Mon 20th June Derry | Strabane

Mon 13th June Derry | Strabane

Mon 6th June Derry | Strabane

Mon 30th May Derry | Strabane

Mon 23rd May Derry | Strabane

Mon 16th May Derry | Strabane

Mon 9th May Derry | Strabane

Mon 2nd May Derry | Strabane


Weekly list of New Delegated and Committee applications

Mon 15th May Delegated | Committee

Mon 8th May Delegated | Committee

Mon 1st May Delegated - Committee

Mon 24th April Delegated

Mon 17th April Delegated - Committee

Mon 10th April Delegated - Committee

Mon 3rd April   Delegated

Mon 27th March   Delegated - Committee

Mon 20th March  DelegatedCommittee

Mon 13th March   Delegated

Mon 6th March     Delegated - Committee

​​Mon 27th February  Delegated

Mon 20th February  Delegated

Mon 13th February  Delegated  

Mon 6th February  Delegated  -  Committee

Mon 30th January Delegated - Committee

Mon 23rd January Delegated - Committee

Mon 16th January Delegated - Committee

Mon 9th January  Delegated

Mon 2nd January  Delegated – Committee

Mon 26th December Delegated – Committee

Mon 19th December Delegated

Mon 12th  December  Delegated

Mon 5th  December  Delegated – Committee

Mon 28th  November  Delegated – Committee

Mon 21st  November  Delegated – Committee

Mon 14th  November  Delegated – Committee

Mon 7th  November  Delegated – Committee

Mon 31st October  Delegated – Committee

Mon 24th October  Delegated – Committee

Mon 17th October  Delegated

Mon 10th October  Delegated – Committee

Mon 3rd October  Delegated – Committee

Mon 26th September Delegated – Committee

Mon 19th September Delegated – Committee

Mon 12th September Delegated – Committee

Mon 5th September Delegated – Committee

Mon 29th August  Delegated – No committee applications received

Mon 22nd August  Delegated – Committee

Mon 15th August  Delegated – Committee

Mon 8th August  Delegated

Mon 1st August  Delegated – Committee

Mon 5th July  Delegated – Committee

Mon 17th July  Delegated – Committee

Mon 10th July  Delegated  –  Committee

Mon 3rd July  Delegated – Committee

Mon 27th June Delegated Committee

Mon 20th June Delegated Committee

Mon 13th June Delegated Committee

Mon 6th June Delegated Committee

Mon 30th May Delegated – No committee applications received

Mon 23rd May Delegated Committee

Mon 16th May Delegated – No committee applications received

Mon 9th May Delegated – No committee applications received

Mon 2nd May DelegatedCommittee

Mon 25th April DelegatedCommittee


Planning Committee Applications for Decision

Committee Applications presented 3rd May 2017

Committee Applications presented 5th  April  2017  

Committee Applications presented 22nd March  2017  

Committee Applications presented 8th March  2017  

Committee Applications presented 1st February 2017  

Committee Applications presented 4th January 2017

Committee Applications presented 30th November 2016

Committee Applications presented 2nd November 2016

Committee Applications presented 5th October 2016

Committee Applications presented 7th September 2016

Committee Applications presented 21st July 2016

Committee Applications presented 29th June 2016

Committee Applications presented 8th June 2016

Committee Applications presented 18th May 2016

Committee Applications presented 6th April 2016

Committee Applications presented 23rd March 2016

Committee Applications presented 2nd March 2016

Committee Applications presented 3rd February 2016


​​Councillor’s Code of Conduct – Planning Element


The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 introduced a new ethical regime to local government.

Guidance provided for councillors specifically on the planning element of the Code can be found below.





Derry City and Strabane District Planning Committee Protocol

Please find committee protocol here.

Derry City and Strabane Approved Delegated Scheme

Please find delegated scheme here.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Find out more about the SCI here

Local Development Plan 2030

Find out more about the LDP here