Derry City & Strabane - Screening report 2021-22




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Screening report 2021-22

Name of Policy 

Brief Summary of Aims of Policy

Screening Outcome 

Internal Audit Strategy

Strategy is an internal document designed to provide an independent assurance and advisory service, which will help the Council achieve its objectives and improve the effectiveness of its risk management, control and governance processes.

Screened Out

Cemeteries Management Policy

The cemeteries guidance is an operational handbook on how Council cemeteries will be run.  This will be applied universally across all cemeteries within Council control without exception regardless of its location

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Play Plan

Underpinning the play plan are a number of key aims which have been developed through consideration of community feedback gained through the public engagement and consultation process involving children and young people, parents and carers and community organisations.  The key aims have been established as being: 

Key Aims

a.To support children and young people to be able to engage in play opportunities that meet their developmental needs whilst providing fun and enjoyment

b.To ensure that Councils overarching portfolio of Fixed Play Areas offer attractive, welcoming, safe but challenging, accessible and inclusive high play value sites, through a process of upgrading and renewal, maintenance and new play development

c.To ensure effective targeting of capital investment in new fixed play development at those locations identified as being in need through assessment of demographic demand

d.To ensure that children, young people, parents and communities have a role in decision making on play provision

e.To enable communities to take an active role in the development of play opportunities

f. To highlight the benefits of play whilst encouraging adults within the wider community to recognise both the importance of play and the valuable contribution children and young people make to community life

g.Where local demographic circumstances preclude council intervention, to support communities to develop sustainable solutions to meeting local play need.

Screened Out

Mayoral Gifts and Hospitality Policy

This policy sets out the circumstances in which Mayoral / civic hospitality and/or civic or corporate gifts are provided and sets down guidance on the nature of such hospitality/gifts

Screened Out

Rainbow Crossing

This policy proposal is related to increasing the visibility and displaying support for the LGBTQI+ community - it is also intended to be a visitor attraction and tourist landmark which may increase economic activity in the chosen location. 

Screened In

Corporate & Improvement Plan 2021/22

Corporate Plan 2021-2022 represents our priority outcomes as a Council for the next year. It reflects the Council led priorities set out in the Inclusive Strategic Growth Plan and identifies actions we will undertake above and beyond the everyday working of Council services.  Improvement Objectives inserted following consultation to contribute to economic and social wellbeing are as follows:


1.  To increase employment opportunities and economic growth through a range of measures including creating new business start-ups, supporting existing business and delivering visitor growth as a destination of choice.


Sub Objectives

• To continue to develop and deliver a range of initiatives to mitigate the impacts of Covid19 and support economic growth

• To promote jobs through the NIBSUP and the Business Boost Programme

• Create jobs through the Rural Business Investment Scheme

• To deliver high quality festival and events growing our visitor numbers

• Actively engage in the promotion and delivery of skills academies


2. To assist a return to healthy lifestyles through regrowing participation in high quality leisure, sports and physical activity (HC1).


Sub Objectives

• To re-engage and achieve user numbers of the Council’s leisure facilities (HC1A)

with a target of at least 50% of baseline user numbers and through retention and

growth strategies achieve 60% of gym membership capacity

• To target under-represented groups through inclusive leisure, sport and physical

activity participation to lead more active lives (HC1B);

• Maintain current high levels of customer satisfaction/net promoter score (HC1D)

• To target participation by those living in deprived areas (HC1E)


3. To create a greener, cleaner more attractive district.


Sub Objectives

• To protect and promote our natural and built assets

• To protect and enhance our environment


4. To deliver improved customer satisfaction by improving customer support services and processes.


5. To develop and implement a dynamic recovery plan that provides a proactive response to the challenges presented by Covid19 and which supports and enhances social, economic and environmental well- being in the Council area.


Screened Out

Code of Practice on Producing Information

The Code of Practice on Producing Information aims to make all information emanating from Council accessible. The new video Relay System which has been introduced will contribute to the making Council more accessible to members of our d/Deaf community

Screened Out

Revised Safeguarding Policy (Children and Adults at Risk)

The purpose of this policy and procedures is to safeguard the personal safety of all children and adults at risk using Council’s facilities and services through actively promoting awareness, good practice and robust procedures

It has been revised to tighten operational procedures and bring into force elements such as -

- Informed consent in terms of photography/videography

- training in council policy for contractors/sub-contractors

- protocols in terms of supervision when contractors/sub-contractors are on site.

Screened Out

Review of Street Trading Policy

This policy deals with applications for street trading -  Every decision will be made on a case by case basis and when considering applications Licensing Officers will assess all relevant positive and negative impacts of allowing street trading to take place and take all factors into account.

Screened Out

Hybrid Working Policy

The hybrid working policy sets out the arrangements is an informal flexible working arrangement agreed between the manager and employee which allows employees to split their working time between the workplace and an agreed remote location (normally at home).


Screened Out

Proposed Changes to the Local Development Plan (2032)

The Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out a clear vision of how the District should look in the future, by indicating what type and scale of development should be encouraged and where it should be located.


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