Derry City & Strabane - 'A City for Peace' to focus on journey of history and heritage




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'A City for Peace' to focus on journey of history and heritage

01 March 2021
As part of the PEACE IV Tourism Project, a new brand has been launched which focuses on the history and heritage of Derry's past.
'A City for Peace' has been created as one of the final actions of the PEACE IV Tourism Project, which has been running for three years, and focused on bringing all communities together to produce, pilot and promote 'Peace Tourism' experiences suited to local, national and international demand – working with key tourism and heritage providers from across the city and region.
One of the core elements of 'A City for Peace' will be the development of experiences and tours which centre around the history of Derry, and which are being put together with the assistance of local organisations.
Information on routes will be available online and will cover a range of eras in the city's history, including The Island of Derry which will look at the early Christian heritage of the city; Walled Town which will delve into how the city and region developed through the plantation era to the Siege; and Crucible City, which covers how the events of two world wars and the Civil Rights movement impacted the city.
Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Cllr Brian Tierney, said he was excited about 'A City for Peace' and the development of the new tour routes which will shine a light on many important historic periods, unite communities and be an important asset for tourism within the city and district.
"The Peace IV Tourism Project has been doing great work over the past three years working with all sides of the community to develop tourism opportunities that are inclusive, open and which reflect on our journey and the peace-building that has led us here.
"This 'A City for Peace' brand is something that will excite both locals and future visitors to our city and region. It has been built from a lot of good work from our PEACE IV team and our tourism organisations and will provide education and enlightenment on our past and many different periods of our history," said Mayor Tierney.
"The tours currently being developed as part of 'A City for Peace' will reflect on what has happened to lead us to where we are today, and in a city that is so full of history and heritage this will be a great draw for tourists from all over the world when we return to normality.
"The key part of this project is that it has involved many different communities coming together as one. That in itself is reflective of the journey we have been on as a city and district, and which will be reflected in these tours and through 'A City for Peace'."
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