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Alley Theatre hosts compelling Holocaust exhibition

09 January 2018

A poignant and chilling exhibition charting some of the stories of the Holocaust is on show at the Alley Theatre in Strabane marking Holocaust Memorial Month.

The Devouring is a collection of over 40 images of children, killed during what was one of the most horrific campaigns of genocide in history.

The genocide programme led by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945 is historically referred to as The Holocaust but to the Jewish people it is called ‘The Shoah’ and to the Roma/Gypsy people it has become known as ‘The Devouring’ as it engulfed all before it.

Venue Manager with the Alley Theatre, Jacqueline Doherty, said the exhibition tells a compelling and important story.

“The Devouring is a very moving exhibition which offers an insight into some of the remarkable stories of those children who suffered through the Holocaust,” she explained.

“It gives an identity to some of those lost and sadly, doomed children. You can find out more about the stories of Adelbert, Eva, Sanne, Kitty, Jacques among others. They were real people with a story to tell.

“I would really encourage people to come along and see for themselves what is a story of terrible loss, but also one of hope and the incredible endurance of the human spirit.”

January 27th 1945 was the day the most infamous of Nazi death camps, Auschwitz, was liberated, and January has always been regarded as Holocaust Memorial Month, culminating in Holocaust Memorial Day.

The theme of the programme for this year is 'The Power of Words', and focuses on the propaganda that fuelled the hatred of those behind the terrible slaughter of millions, among them 1.5million children.

The help and support from both the Holocaust Memorial Trust and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has been vital in putting together the exhibition at the Alley Theatre.

The Devouring is showing until Friday 26th January. For more information on this exhibition and the full programme of events at the Alley Theatre please go to www.alley-theatre.com