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Council calls on community leaders to join ‘Challenging Prejudice’ programme

16 October 2018

Derry and Strabane Council are calling on community leaders throughout the city and district to sign up to their ‘Challenging Prejudice Leadership Development Programme’ – which includes a study visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and aims to educate people about the events of the Holocaust and consider the lessons for today.

The Challenging Prejudice Leadership Development Programme is now in its second year and is part of Council’s proactive approach to improving good relations.

The programme will provide opportunities for community representatives, Council staff and the wider community to promote the city, towns and villages as safe and welcoming places for all people. It aims to develop positive relationships between people of different community backgrounds, and to enhance skills to help participants contribute to improving the attitudes of people within their local areas.

Through a series of interactive workshops, community leaders will explore the Holocaust, how it happened, why it happened and how the lessons learned from it can be used to address key issues in today’s society – including sectarianism, racism and the refugee crisis.  It is hoped that the programme will equip community leaders with the tools to challenge prejudice, bigotry and intolerance in their own communities and in doing so become champions of Local Community Planning. This programme will also provide an excellent opportunity to critically evaluate one of the most horrific events of the 20th century and to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.

The programme incorporates two elements: training sessions and a study visit which will take a total of 9 days.

Training Days:       Tuesday 6th November

                            Tuesday 20th November

                            Tuesday 27th November

                            Wednesday 9th January 2019

Study Trip:            Thursday 10th January – Sunday 13th January 2019 (inclusive)

Final Day:              Date to be agreed with participating group


Participants are required to take part in the entire Challenging Prejudice Leadership Development Programme and have a valid passport for travel in order to be considered.

There are currently 20 places available.  If you would like to express an interest in participating on the programme, contact Good Relations Officer Carol Stewart on 02871 253253 Ext 4297 or [email protected]

For further information visit http://www.derrystrabane.com/challengingpredjudice 

Closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm on Wednesday 31st October 2018.