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Council issues letter to householders aimed at tackling blue bin contamination

25 May 2018

Derry City and Strabane District Council are issuing a letter today to all householders aimed at ensuring that their blue recycling bin contains the correct materials.

Council have said that nappies, plastic bags, food waste and general rubbish are costing local ratepayers thousands of pounds a year because householders are putting them in the wrong bin.

Council have also said that the increasing waste disposal costs as a result of blue bin contamination is having a knock-on effect on its ability to keep rates levels down – and protect and enhance other important services like play parks, street cleaning and local events.

Derry City and Strabane District Council Waste Services Officer Nicola McCool said:

“Blue bin contamination has become a serious problem – and we have therefore taken this step of writing out to all householders.

“Putting the right stuff in the right bin helps our environment and saves Council money. These savings can then be spent on other important public services like play parks, street cleaning and local events.

“Indeed, recycling is a win-win situation for all – and we really appreciate that the majority of householders are committed to getting it right. I would also like to stress that most residents have been excellent recyclers.

“Our crews will now be checking all blue recycling bins to ensure that they contain the correct materials.

“If people put items that cannot be recycled in their blue bin it will NOT be emptied.

“Items that can be put in the blue bins are glass, paper, food and drink cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and food and drink cartons.

“However, items that cannot be recycled – but are often put in the blue bins – include nappies, black bin bags and general food waste, which contaminate the recyclable materials that it comes into contact with.

“It is also important that all food containers are properly cleaned or rinsed out.  

“If people do not recycle right we won’t be emptying their blue bin and it will be tagged.  They must then remove any non-recyclable items and leave it out to be collected on the next scheduled blue bin collection day.

“If householders have a lot of recyclable waste, we are encouraging them to please visit their local recycling centre.

“We hope that householders understand that it benefits us all to recycle the right waste in the right bin. Our letter therefore also provides information on what goes in the blue bin and is encouraging people to download our free Bin-ovation App. Householders can also visit www.derrystrabane.com/recycling for further information or call 02871 374107 for alternative formats.”