Derry City & Strabane - Council launch pioneering Green Infrastructure Plan




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Council launch pioneering Green Infrastructure Plan

19 November 2019

Derry City and Strabane District Council have launched a pioneering new plan to develop new parks, green spaces and rivers at an event in St Columb’s Park House.
The Green Infrastructure Plan 2019 - 2030 follows an extensive consultation process with local people, organisations and experts.
It is linked to the Local Development Plan and the Strategic Growth Plan and aims to deliver benefits to the public, the local economy and the environment.
Green Infrastructure is an interconnected network of multi-functional green and blue spaces, which provide multiple environmental, economic and social benefits.
It is mostly comprised of green spaces that are vegetated (woodlands, public parks and allotments) and blue spaces that are our waterways (rivers, canals, reservoirs and lakes).
Speaking at the launch, Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor Michaela Boyle welcomed the plan: “The Green Infrastructure Plan is an exciting initiative that has the potential to transform Derry and Strabane through an interconnected network of multifunctional green and blue spaces.
“It aims to maximise the number of functions that our local parks and green spaces can provide while encouraging people to use these areas for exercise and recreation, benefiting their health and wellbeing.
“I look forward to seeing the further development of our outdoor spaces in the coming years and seeing the public reap the benefits of using them.”
Dr Christine Doherty, Council’s Lead Officer for Green Infrastructure, added:
“The GI Plan sets out a radical new approach that requires rethinking publically owned green and blue spaces,” she said.
“It highlights that these areas provide a range of benefits including providing ecosystem services - essential benefits that people obtain from the environment - helping mitigate the impact of climate change, improving public parks, play areas, food growing opportunities and the development of greenways.
“Linked to the Strategic Growth Plan, we will focus on developing the health and well-being benefits of green infrastructure for people and our environment; raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of our green spaces and waterways, while also calculating their value.”
The Green Infrastructure Plan 2019 - 2030 and a video highlighting key projects can be viewed at