Derry City & Strabane - Council to host online ‘Rights of Nature’ workshop




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Council to host online ‘Rights of Nature’ workshop

22 November 2021
Derry City and Strabane District Council will host a special workshop on 3rd December at 12pm, for groups and individuals to learn more about implementing a ‘Rights of Nature’ approach to its future plans and frameworks and to draw up a declaration on the topic for the Council area.
It follows the passing of a motion by Elected Members in June to note the legal and social movement globally for the ‘Rights of Nature’ aimed at strengthening protections for people, place and planet.
As part of the motion, a commitment was made to hold two community workshops and work with the local community and stakeholders including DAERA, NFU, UFU, IFA and any local farming groups to draw up a Declaration for the Rights of Nature for the Council area to be brought back before Council for adoption.
“In June our Elected members commended the excellent work already being done by Council officers on the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis but recognised the need for a rights based approach to nature,” explained Council’s Head of Environment Conor Canning.
“The workshop will include a background to the Rights of Nature movement on a global scale and details on countries and regions that have adopted it including protecting forests and rivers under threat in these countries.
“Details of the wide range of policies that Council has proactively developed and adopted to promote and protect nature will be provided including the Green Infrastructure Plan, Strategic Growth Plan (SGP), Local Development Plan, Natural Capital Accounts, Pollinator Plans and Climate Adaptation Plan.
“Those in attendance will hear details of the challenges associated with local government adopting a Rights to Nature approach given the current legislative framework and consideration will be given to how we can work to overcome these challenges by showing our commitment and leadership at a local level.”
The feedback from the first workshop will be reviewed to allow meaningful engagement and participation for a second workshop in January 2022.
In February, Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee, will be asked to approve the way forward based on the feedback from the two workshops.
You can register online for the workshop now at