Derry City & Strabane - Croatian artist Kristina Rismondo displays 'Totem' at the Alley Theatre




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Croatian artist Kristina Rismondo displays 'Totem' at the Alley Theatre

11 January 2022
Croatian artist Kristina Rismondo is delighted to exhibit 'Totem' at the Alley Theatre.  
Displayed in the Theatre's gallery are a series of pieces made of fabric with linocut prints and plush filling.
Each Totem represents artistic identity connected with cultural protectors belonging to Mediterranean mythology, art history or the artist’s own imaginary cycles.  
Fibre artworks titled as 'Catchers' are included to remind us of Dreamcatchers, 
Kristina is a visual arts teacher and art historian from Zagreb, Croatia. 
Her starting point is printmaking in traditional techniques such as etching, lithography or linocut. 
During the time she develops specific mixed techniques that include fine arts and crafts.  
Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council Alderman Graham Warke visited the exhibition this week.
"I was delighted to meet Kristina Rismondo at The Alley and hear first hand the mythological and historical stories behind her Totem series," he said.
"The detail and hand craft in each piece is truly extraordinary and I would encourage the public to come along and view the series for themselves in the coming weeks."
Totem runs from Monday 10th January until Friday February 4th booking is open now at