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Damian McGinty joins Mayor in Covid-19 video appeal

20 November 2020
Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Cllr Brian Tierney, has joined with singer and actor Damian McGinty in the latest of his Covid-19 video appeals.
Damian, who is originally from Derry, has been living in America, and Mayor Tierney said that he is one of many people making sacrifices for the greater good.
"I'm delighted that Damian has joined me in this message and has shared his personal experience to show why it's important that we all follow the guidelines in place.
"Damian hasn't been able to come home and visit his family since last Christmas, which, naturally, is incredibly difficult.
"It's just one example of many people and businesses who are making sacrifices to protect our community and keep everyone safe, so alongside Damian I am asking that everyone makes those sacrifices worthwhile by doing all they can to reduce our cases numbers and stop the spread of Covid-19."
Damian said that it has been difficult not being able to come home and visit his family, and called on the community spirit across Derry and Strabane to help bring down the number of cases.
"I've been really concerned to see the number of Covid cases across Derry and Strabane in the last few months – it's really worrying, and the threat hasn't gone away.
"I haven't been home since Christmas and for me that's been quite difficult because I have never gone that long without visiting home in my life, and I miss it a lot.
"I know the community back home is full of amazing people that care about each other so I'm appealing to everyone to do what they can to get us back to where we were and where we will be again."
To view Damian's message, please visit the Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council Facebook or Twitter.