Derry City & Strabane - Displaying your house number could save your life - Mayor




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Displaying your house number could save your life - Mayor

30 June 2021

The Mayor of Derry and Strabane, Alderman Graham Warke, has issued an appeal to all property owners to assist the emergency services by clearly displaying postal numbers on their homes and businesses.

The message particularly applies to houses in rural areas, where properties are more spaced out and the lack of street lighting already makes visibility a challenge.

Ald Warke joined first responders yesterday to make the appeal, and he had the opportunity to hear first hand about the challenges faced by blue lights services when they answer an emergency call. "When an ambulance or fire service appliance is dispatched, time is usually a critical factor in ensuring they can get someone safely from their home to hospital and speedy access to the treatment that might just save their life," he stressed.

"For the Fire Service in particular every second counts as a blaze can take over a home in minutes.

"Displaying postal numbers on properties is extremely important in an emergency situation, especially at night time when responders may be in an unfamiliar area in the dark. It also makes life much easier for postal and delivery staff who have had such an important role during the pandemic and who have seen an increase in workload over the past few years with more reliance in online services.

"I would really encourage all householders and business owners to display the correct postal number prominently where it can be seen clearly from the roadside, and also where it can be seen in the dark."

NIAS Area Manager for the West Division Laura Coulter said: "When an accident occurs or someone becomes acutely unwell it is vital that an emergency crew reach the scene as quickly as possible to assess and treat the patient.

"Having property numbers clearly visible avoids wasting valuable time searching for the correct location. When every second counts, everyone can assist us by making their home clearly identifiable."

For more information on home number and street naming contact Derry City and Strabane District Council's Technical Support Officer on 028 71 253 253.