Derry City & Strabane -  Enterprise Week event to focus on Business innovation




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Enterprise Week event to focus on Business innovation

10 February 2020

Local entrepreneurs can learn more about making innovation a core part of their business through a new innovation accreditation programme.

‘Innovate NI’ is a Department for the Economy initiative, helping local businesses to innovate successfully and will be showcased at the opening event of Enterprise Week 2020 at the Millennium Forum on Monday March 2nd.

It is delivered by Invest Northern Ireland, local councils and further education colleges. 

The programme is raising awareness and providing practical advice about what innovation is and highlighting the value and importance of it for business growth and competitiveness.

Dr Vicky Kell, Director of Innovation, Research and Development, Invest NI, will present at the event to explain how the programme can guide local businesses through their innovation journey and towards an internationally recognised accreditation that will help them develop their innovation strategy, capabilities and culture.

Delegates will also be able to participate in an innovation workshop: “A Personal Journey Of Innovation: The Highs, Lows and Lessons Learnt” delivered by Paul O’Callaghan, Innovation Accreditation Manager, Invest NI and Dr Kelly Clark, Managing Director, Orryx.

The workshop will equip participants with innovation management tools and techniques that businesses of any size and from any sector can adopt no matter where they are in their business journey.

It is part of a packed schedule at Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Enterprise Week – a programme of events across the Council area aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the tools to take their business to the next level.

Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor Michaela Boyle, encouraged entrepreneurs to get involved in the workshop.

“In an ever evolving local economic environment, innovation is critical if businesses are to adopt to fresh challenges and fulfil their potential,” she said.

“The Innovation Accreditation Programme is an ideal first step for businesses to consider their innovation options and make positive changes to how they are managed.

“I would encourage all budding and existing entrepreneurs in the City and District to familiarise themselves with the Enterprise Week programme and get involved in events that can help them progress their business goals.”  

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI, added: “Businesses who focus on innovation are often more successful, they are viewed as being more forward thinking and are attractive to prospective customers, suppliers, investors and staff.

“Innovation is not just about inventing new products or developing a service, it could be finding new ways to increase business efficiency, changing your business model or adapting to changes in the market place.

“Innovation can deliver significant benefits, it can help your business solve problems, increase market share, improve competitiveness and become more successful.”

Innovate NI has two elements, the first is to help a business identify their current level of innovation through an online Innovation Accreditation assessment. 

Businesses may be awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level Innovator Certificate, depending on their current level of innovation.

The second element is working towards the internationally recognised Innovation i360 Accreditation, that will enhance business innovation strategy, capabilities and culture.

For further information on the Innovation Accreditation Programme visit

Enterprise Week 2020 will feature workshops, information seminars, networking events and drop in clinics offering support and guidance on a range of business matters such as financial advice, branding, driving innovation and promoting women in business, and first hand advice from industry recognised guest speakers.

For full programme details visit

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