Derry City & Strabane - Fantastic support for our recycling and waste workers – thank you!




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Fantastic support for our recycling and waste workers – thank you!

15 May 2020
Recycle Now’s  Northern Ireland nationwide campaign to support our recycling and waste workers during the COVID-19 crisis is getting great results, with more than one million people reached in the first two weeks and householders across the country practising good bin hygiene and waving to collection crews to show their appreciation.
Now in its third week, the month-long campaign steps up a gear with leaflets distributed to every household (from Monday 11 May) in addition to local radio advertisements and social media activity.
Dr Ian Garner, Head of WRAP Northern Ireland, said:
“The response has been tremendous. Our councils are continuing to deliver vital waste and recycling services and householders are showing they respect the hard work and dedication of these key workers by continuing to recycle, checking dates and times of collections with their local councils and making sure potentially infectious waste is disposed of correctly. It’s a real team effort – and it’s working. Now we must make sure we keep up the momentum!
We can do this by:
·        Checking our local council’s website regularly for updates on recycling and waste collections where we live – including what can and can’t be recycled.
·        Making sure we recycle everything we can.
·        Putting out bins the evening before a collection is scheduled.
·        Cleaning bin handles with disinfectant before and after collection.
·        Putting wipes, cloths, gloves etc. used for cleaning into the general waste.
·       If self-isolating and feeling ill, putting any potentially infected items like used tissues or cleaning cloths into separate plastic bags and double bagging them. These bags should be kept aside for at least 72 hours (3 days) before they go into the external bin. For more information, see the Public Health Agency website:
And don’t forget to wave to your recycling and waste collection workers – it makes it all worthwhile!