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History and landscape of South Armagh explored in latest Alley Theatre exhibition

03 July 2018

A selection of paintings and collages exploring the natural landscape and collected history of South Armagh artist Rozzi Kennedy’s home place is now on display at the Alley Theatre.

‘Kick Any Stone and History Leaps Up At You’ is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and will run until Friday July 20th.

Rozzi, a graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design, says every viewer of the exhibition has their own interpretation of the collection.

“It aligns well with the simple daily events of rural society but there isn’t a place, building or object that it couldn’t relate to,” she noted.

“My historical research is mainly a starting point for brightly coloured, visually striking collages and paintings that address contemporary and artistic concerns to do with culture, place, time, taste and value.

“Each viewer brings his or her own unique interpretation, why not visit to see what leaps out at you?  Your insights matter to me, so please share them in the visitors book.”

Rozzi found the title of the show while researching the natural landscape and collected history of her home-place the name of the exhibition was written by South Ulster Poet Art Bennett, two centuries ago.

The phrase fits the thinking behind the exhibition well, particularly the first piece produced in the series - a detailed painting of an uninhabited, old stone built cottage, with a collapsed tin roof and grasses growing from the walls and windows.

The cottage sits by the roadside with fields and hills behind, the perfect image for a nostalgic Irish postcard however, two silhouettes leap from the remains of the cottage toward the sky and out over the hills.

They represent the young people, moving on, away from their heritage and often their home-places with huge energy and excitement for the future.

For further information on the exhibition contact the Alley Theatre on 028 71 384444 or online www.alley-theatre.com