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Irish speakers in the Derry-Strabane area invited to submit content for new pandemic archive

24 November 2020
How will we remember this year? 2020 is an exceptional and historical year and Derry City and Strabane District Council are asking the public, including the Irish language community to participate in recording and archiving this year.
How can you take part?  The Council welcomes submissions from the public detailing their experiences during the pandemic.  You can do this by submitting an image, a poem or a story describing your life, your family's life or your school life during the pandemic.
We are seeking material from the Irish language community for this project as it is important that we welcome a range of insights into the pandemic and to that end we would welcome the Irish medium schools in particular to submit material in Irish that details this exceptionally unique year.
This material will be added to the Council's digital archive and will be shared with the European Parliament for their My House of European History project – a project that collects information, stories and material from people all over Europe to give an insight into modern day history. This is an excellent opportunity for the Irish language community to be represented in an all-European project that would put the Irish language and the experiences of the Irish language community into the spotlight.
Submissions can be sent to: [email protected].
Further information available from the Irish Language Officer, Erin Hamilton at: [email protected].