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Landmark signed event at The Alley Theatre

30 November 2016

A very special performance will take place at The Alley Theatre this Saturday December 3rd.

‘The Death of the Innocents’ will be the first performance of its kind in Ireland in which a play will be performed in sign language, with two individuals who will speak the script throughout.

The performance will be preceded by a candlelit walk from Hazelwood Road to the bowling green and will be followed by a short service in the Church of Ireland. Deaf pastor Rev. Mark Lennox will support the service.

‘Death of the Innocents’ is a story of drama and loss caused by a fire at the school for deaf children in Strabane in 1856.
The school was supported by the proceeds from the hymns and poems written by Frances Alexander, the famous hymn writer.
It is a story that has to be shared to ensure that the six deaf children who tragically perished in the fire are never forgotten.
It will be of interest to both the Deaf Community and the people of Strabane.

The D'Sign Arts Group promotes sign language and arts / culture in Northern Ireland will perform this drama in British / Irish Sign Language and in voice.

Come along and learn the story of the six children who perished in what promises to be a powerful and moving performance.