Derry City & Strabane - Local Development Plan (LDP) draft Plan Strategy for DCSDC is launched by Mayor




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Local Development Plan (LDP) draft Plan Strategy for DCSDC is launched by Mayor

02 December 2019

The Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Michaela Boyle, today launched the draft Plan Strategy for one of the most significant policy documents to be produced by Council, the Local Development Plan (LDP).

The Plan is huge in its scope, addressing all issues of Planning, guiding land use and setting out the policies and proposals for the use, development and protection of our settlements and countryside. It has the capacity to help Council achieve some of its key priorities including mitigating against Climate change, celebrating and conserving our rich built heritage, and meeting social housing demand.

The LDP is closely aligned to the Strategic Growth Plan (Community Plan) and its aim to deliver 9,000 new, quality homes by 2032 at sustainable locations with all the necessary infrastructure, services and facilities. A public consultation on the draft Plan Strategy begins today, and local people are invited to give their views on how the future of Planning policy will develop.

The new framework will contribute directly to the outcomes of the Growth Plan and once adopted will be used to determine all planning applications across Derry and Strabane. The (LDP) Plan Strategy sets out the proposed LDP vision, the LDP objectives, as well as the proposed Growth Strategy and the Hierarchy of Settlements for the District.

Speaking at today’s launch, Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Michaela Boyle, praised the work that had been completed to date on the plan.

“This is a very significant document in terms of its potential to transform our surroundings directly impacting on the wellbeing of all who live here. We want to create better communities, maximise opportunities for housing and settlements and conserve and enhance our environment. But we want to do this responsibly by establishing best practice in terms of how we deliver the infrastructure, housing, retail provision, and conservation projects needed to improve Derry and Strabane.

“I just want to acknowledge the intensive work of the Planning team which has gone into the Plan to date and encourage everyone to review the draft Plan Strategy and give their input at this important stage of the process.”

Speaking at the launch, Head of Planning with the Council, Maura Fox, said: “The Local Development Plan offers a real opportunity to shape the future of Planning and the policies that will enable Council’s Planning team to oversee responsible and positive development encouraging investment, co-ordinating infrastructure and protecting the local environment.

“It covers every aspect of Planning and its impact on social, economic and environmental wellbeing and we want to realise the LDP vision of balanced and appropriate high-quality development whilst protecting our environment. Much work has gone into the development of the LDP draft Plan Strategy and anyone who has concerns about it should submit their objections at this consultation stage.

The LDP Draft Plan Strategy sets out the Council’s strategic Planning objectives, designations and policies for the District in line with regional strategies and policies. The strategy has been informed by the Council’s LDP Preferred Options Paper which offered a series of options for dealing with key issues in the Plan area and was the subject of widespread public and stakeholder consultation.

It sets out the proposed LDP vision, then the LDP objectives, followed by the proposed overall Growth Strategy and the Hierarchy of Settlements for the District.

The Plan is accompanied by a number of legislatively required appraisal documents, namely the Sustainability Appraisal, the draft Habitats Regulations Assessment, Equality Impact Assessment and Rural Needs Impact Assessment. Following the results of the consultation, DfI will appoint an Independent Examiner to test the ‘soundness’ of the draft Plan Strategy.

Feedback on the consultation document can be submitted up until Monday January 27, 2020. The full Plan Strategy document is available at and a number of public meetings and workshops will take place throughout December and January.