Derry City & Strabane - Local artists look into borders and connections for Alley Theatre Exhibition




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Local artists look into borders and connections for Alley Theatre Exhibition

01 November 2019

Spiritlands, an exhibition by Triskele Artists Sinead Smyth, Stephen Shaw and John Kavanagh, will open on Monday, November 4th at the Alley Theatre with a powerful display exploring the concept of homeland and identity.

The North West’s own Sinead Smyth, who hails from Inishowen, alongside Stephen Shaw and John Kavanagh from Derry, are back and will make their mark once again with a show that will run for the month.

The concept came through conversation. The artists explained that they really wanted to look at their locality, look at the rich layers of history and shared experience, and the permanence of our land.

At the same time this land is fractured, layered and transient. With all the current talk of borders and new realities, fear and uncertainty has been the order of the day. They said they wanted to literally bring their art back home and reflect on what a shared sense of spirit means for us.

This exhibition looks at how we perceive the world we live in, including the physical land and then what it means to us on a deeper level.

This is a personal journey from three emotive artists who walk us through a landscape of light and shade. Familiar yet unknown, these are our spiritlands.

The group have had a successful two years together. They have displayed work as a group in Belfast, Donegal, Derry, Strabane and Dublin. So, how do three artists collaborate so well?

“It’s definitely a logistical challenge,” admitted John Kavanagh. “We all live in different areas and, of course, give each other the time and space to lead our normal lives too, but we also make time to connect and stay in touch. I would be lost without the support of the others.”

“We are all in regular contact, with each other” explained Sinead Smyth. “We celebrate the fact that we can inspire each other. We enjoy sharing ideas and are attuned in coming up with ideas, this helps us develop a broader vision.”

“It is a joy to be working with the group again this month, the collective is very rich in ideas and encouragement, we have already started plans for the new year too” Stephen Shaw added.

Step by step the group are working and practicing their art and invite you to join them.

This is a celebration of three very different artists, each with a distinct point of view and style whose work also blends, offering a rare visual treat, with a real and emotive point of view.

This exhibition is open until 30th November.

You can follow the group on Facebook at Triskele Artists, stephenshawart, johnkavanaghartist and