Derry City & Strabane - Local partners reflect on significant time for Derry and Strabane




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Local partners reflect on significant time for Derry and Strabane

04 March 2021
Members of Derry and Strabane's Strategic Growth Partnership received an update on a wide range of strategic projects and programmes including the recent major boost for the City Deal when it met virtually for its quarterly meeting today.
This partnership is co-chaired by the community and voluntary sector, the business sector and the statutory sector together with the Mayor, and oversees the delivery of the commitments outlined in the Strategic Inclusive Growth Plan for the City and District alongside Council.
At today's meeting progress on the delivery of the Heads of Terms for the City Deal and Inclusive Futures Fund was top of the agenda, and members heard from Council Chief Executive John Kelpie, about the suite of research, business, capital development and innovation projects now on track for delivery.
Members also heard a report on progress in the implementation of the Strategic Inclusive Growth Plan looking at how actions have been delivered and providing an update on key performance indicators. Of the 235 actions identified positive progress has been reported on 86% to date – welcome news demonstrating the positive impact of the plan already being felt in local communities
Speaking to partnership members, the Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Brian Tierney, said the past few weeks had been hugely significant for the North West. "After a very challenging year for the City and District there was some light on the horizon last week as we signed the Heads of Terms for the City Deal and Inclusive Growth Fund. It was a proud day for me and one that will be regarded as a real turning point in terms of the transformation of this council and the wider city region.
"We can't underestimate the potential of what represents the single biggest investment in our Council area and a huge endorsement of the calibre of the projects we now have waiting in the pipeline. Every one of our partners here today has had a part to play in our City Deal's progress to date, which is intrinsically linked to the objectives of our Strategic Growth Plan. I am delighted to see that positive progress continues unabated during what have been sad and difficult times for all of us. We need something positive to look forward to, and our continued focus will be the delivery of our promise of a better future to the people of Derry and Strabane."
At the meeting members also heard more about proposals to establish a Rural Issues Group under the SGP as a cross cutting group targeting rural issues such as agricultural policy, business development, broadband, community support and environmental projects. A report was also brought detailing work to date on addressing poverty across Derry and Strabane, working with a range of local community and voluntary partners and the Department for Communities to develop an anti-poverty action plan.
The partnership also received an update of Council's involvement in a number of new sustainable food projects, which will help create a new food agenda promoting food nutrition and sustainable practices.
You can find out more about today's meeting and the work of the Strategic Inclusive Growth Partnership at