Derry City & Strabane - Lose yourself in the music of Halloween with NW Silent Disco Tours




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Lose yourself in the music of Halloween with NW Silent Disco Tours

25 October 2022
If you see a group of dressed up revellers dance silently towards you this Halloween weekend, fear not, you have not stumbled upon a zombie apocalypse but the latest party phenomenon to hit the North West.
North West Silent Disco Tours have been guiding head setted groups through the beautiful city centre of Derry for over a year now and this Halloween they will host three spooky dress up specials on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October from 4-5pm.
The project is the brainchild of cousins Laura Martin, Jamie Quigg, Niamh McColgan and Maria McCabe who decided to work together following the passing of their grandmother Mary Ann Meenan last year.
“We all have our own full time jobs but when our granny passed away in 2021 we realised the only time we all get together is at wakes and funerals and that it would be nice to start something together,” explained a spokesperson for the business.
“We put it into our family group chat about starting something and we were the five mental cases that signed up…!”
Their party at last year’s Halloween celebrations has been one of the highlights with even then Mayor, Alderman Graham Warke, getting involved.
The collective experience of listening to music together on headphones has led to even the most reserved of their participants getting lost in the music and losing their inhibitions about dancing in the street.
“There are no words that will do it justice, honestly,” the spokesperson continued. “You have to experience it, at first you feel a bit embarrassed but after the warm up you get this confidence you would never normally have and you forget everything and everyone.
“It’s just good clean fun and you burn like 500 calories which is always an added bonus.
“Last Halloween was our first year and it was far better than we thought it would be.
“We weren’t sure if people would sign up to our tours because they aren’t spooky or scary or informative but every single person on our tours had an absolute ball and a completely different experience to anything else that was happening in the town, even the Mayor loved it.
“This year people can expect a laugh, a dance and all the Halloween songs you can think of.
“We advise people to wear comfortable shoes and suitable clothing and if you are a bit shy then wear a costume so no one knows who you are!” 
Limited tickets are available across all the days and tickets are £5pp and can be purchased on our website
Derry Halloween is organised by Derry City and Strabane District Council with support from Tourism Northern Ireland, Donegal County Council, the North West Development Fund and the NI Executive Office.
The full programme as well as Traffic and Travel information detailing all road closures and traffic restrictions is available at