Derry City & Strabane - Mayor appeals to public to be mindful of elderly and vulnerable when using parks and greenways




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Mayor appeals to public to be mindful of elderly and vulnerable when using parks and greenways

01 February 2021
Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Cllr Brian Tierney, has appealed for people to be respectful of other's space, especially the elderly and vulnerable, when using shared pathways and parks.
He reiterated the call following a meeting between Council officers and representatives from Compassionate Communities NW, an organisation which supports terminally ill and elderly people.
Council have installed street art on Queen's Quay and in parks reminding people to 'Respect my 2m' and 'Give me space' as well as sig​nage in high footfall areas.
Mayor Tierney said that it remains critically important that everyone continues to follow guidelines, especially when it comes to protecting our elderly and vulnerable community.
"This is an extremely difficult time for everyone, and we know that a daily walk or a bit of fresh air each day is essential for many people's mental and physical health. As a result, we have seen an increase in footfall in popular walking spots, including parks and greenways.
"We are continuing to appeal to people to be mindful of others when out and about exercising, particularly people with mobility issues, the elderly and the vulnerable. We all have a duty to protect each other and we all have a role to play in that.
"By maintaining the two metre distancing rule and being courteous and respectful we can make sure that everyone can enjoy our paths and greenways without any anxiety or worry.
"These small actions can make a huge difference to people's experiences, health and wellbeing."
Kathleen Bradley, Compassionate Communities NW, added: "Our community members raised concern regarding the growing anxiety of older people and those who are vulnerable using public pathways. 
"They have found the paths increasingly congested and worry about the risk of getting the Covid-19 virus. The fear for some is so great they have chosen not to go out anymore which increases feelings of social isolation.  
"Having raised the issue with Derry City and Strabane District Council we are delighted to support their campaign to 'Share the Path' so that the most vulnerable can safely enjoy the benefits of getting out for a walk which is so important at the moment."
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