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Mayor urges shoppers to consider Fairtrade this festive season

06 December 2018

Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor John Boyle, has urged local shoppers to make a conscious effort to purchase Fairtrade certified products this Christmas.

The Fairtrade initiative was established to ensure developing world farmers are provided a guaranteed minimum price that covers sustainable production and the ability to trade in global markets without exploitation.

“As a Council we endorse the Fairtrade values and I would encourage the public to make a particular effort to purchase products that are Fairtrade certified this Christmas to help end the exploitation of farmers and workers throughout the world,” said Mayor Boyle.   

 “A significant amount of the products we buy are grown or produced by farmers in the developing world who are not paid a fair price for their work and forced into poverty.

“This year, as you are making your choices over the festive period, why not consider celebrating with a Fairtrade Christmas?

“By doing so you will be directly helping to transform the lives and futures of more than 1.6 million farmers and workers in developing countries.”

An estimated 16 million small scale minors work in dangerous conditions around the world to provide gold that may end up on our high streets.

Many small scale minors would experience exploitation and be forced to handle hazardous chemicals such as mercury.

Small scale mining is a harsh and precarious way to earn a livelihood that often leaves miners living in poverty.

“Fairtrade empowers you to empower others,” explained Dee Abbott, Vice-chairperson of the local Fairtrade Steering Group. “This festive season, if participating in the tradition of Christmas gift giving, we encourage you to look for the Fairtrade mark when shopping, and help to spread some festive kindness during the Christmas season.”

The FAIRTRADE Mark independently certifies that products meet economic, social and environmental standards. As such, it is the most widely recognised ethical mark worldwide.  For more information about the FAIRTRADE Mark and how to apply for Fairtrade status, visit www.fairtrade.org.uk or to purchase Fairtrade items online please visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/Buying-Fairtrade

Further information on Fairtrade may be found on Fairtrade Ireland www.fairtrade.ie  and the Fairtrade Foundation www.fairtrade.org.uk websites or by contacting the local Fairtrade Steering Group across Derry City and Strabane District Council on [email protected].