Derry City & Strabane - Parents urged to keep closer eye as vandalism in play parks increases




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Parents urged to keep closer eye as vandalism in play parks increases

16 June 2022
Parents in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area are being urged to be conscious of their young people’s whereabouts following an escalation in vandalism and graffiti in Council owned play parks.
The issue has been a source of time consuming and costly repair for some time and Parks Manager at Council, Emma Barron, has appealed for young people to respect the facilities.
“Vandalism and graffiti in our play parks have escalated in recent years and the time, effort and resources needed to repair and clean up after the incidents are substantial,” she said.
“The markers young people are using to write and draw on the equipment are proving particularly difficult to remove.
“We have been able to open some state of the art facilities in recent years however this vandalism is not only costly but impacts on the local community as it restricts their access while repairs are carried out.
“The summer months are a period where incidents traditionally increase so I would appeal for young people to respect the facilities and for parents to keep a closer eye to what is criminal damage and remind children and young adults that these are community spaces for everyone to enjoy.”
Play provision across the City and District is currently being reviewed and assessed so that repairs and upgrades can be carried out within existing budgets.
Council Safety Wardens and community partners are working with the PSNI to monitor and find longer terms solutions to the problem of vandalism at Council parks.
The public can report any incidents of antisocial behaviour or vandalism to the PSNI.