Derry City & Strabane - Planning green light for over 300 metres of greenway at Thornhill




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Planning green light for over 300 metres of greenway at Thornhill

12 January 2023

Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Planning Committee have approved a new stretch of greenway that will connect the Culmore Road to Springfield Road, opposite Thornhill College.

The 4 metre wide shared use greenway will be accessible to cyclists and runners / walkers and will be fully illuminated at night with five metre high lighting columns.

The greenway will feature a 1.5m high fence at both sides and will compliment the proposed cross border Derry – Muff greenway in the area which has already been approved by the committee.

“This will be another significant addition to our ever expanding greenway network across the City and District,” said Chair of Council’s Planning Committee, Councillor John Boyle.

“The completed project will offer a safe and accessible walking and cycling route from east of the dwelling at 116 on the Culmore Road through to Sprucefield Road.

“As we have seen in other locations across the Council area, greenways have helped promote active travel options and physical exercise and this area will be particularly well serviced and linked up to the existing network when the Derry to Muff greenway progresses.”

Members of the committee were told that the route is located in the open countryside and runs through an agricultural field.

The presenting officer explained that landscaping proposed at either side of the greenway will provide a form of visual screening to nearby properties.

All planning application forms, drawings, letters etc. relating to this planning application are available to view on