Derry City & Strabane - Public urged to give feedback on Council's Playing Pitch Strategy




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Public urged to give feedback on Council's Playing Pitch Strategy

26 February 2021
Derry City and Strabane District Council are inviting the public to have their say on the future direction of its Playing Pitch Strategy by taking part in an online consultation.
The strategy is a two part study into the current pitch provision across the City and District that aims to develop the existing infrastructure to best meet the needs of users.
Head of Community Development and Leisure at Derry City and Strabane District Council, Barry O'Hagan, explained the Playing Pitch Strategy to date.
"The Playing Pitch Strategy aims to provide an informed and coordinated approach to future facility development needs and to provide a framework for the prioritisation and development of playing pitch facilities in the Council area," he said.
"Last year a Draft Playing Pitches Strategy was approved by Elected Members following a detailed facilities inspection of all sites and a review of the adequacy of provision for sports such as GAA, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Soccer.
"The strategy has now gone out for public consultation and we would appreciate the public's input so we can tailor our future plans to best meet the needs of users."
Supply of and demand for pitches was assessed for the Council area as a whole and four defined geographical areas: Derry City, Derry Rural, Strabane Town and Strabane Rural.
Six key strategic recommendations have been identified in the draft Playing Pitches Strategy.
A Capital Investment Programme for sports clubs be established to recognise sports facility providers as delivering community benefit within their current and future membership
Changing accommodation to be installed at all Council pitch sites; existing accommodation to be modernised and upgraded as required to ensure all lie within the 'Good' quality classification
The Council will review its pitch maintenance and monitoring procedures bench marking these with industry gold standards to ensure all its pitches are assessed as being within the 'Good' classification
Council will continue to work closely with clubs in accordance with their need and support sports development programmes in partnership with clubs, schools, governing bodies and statutory agencies to maximise participation including underrepresented groups. 
In addition, further engage with clubs to build capacity in relation to preparing sports development plans and applying for funding for community-based projects.
Support partnerships with the educational sector to expand on community use.
You can give your feedback on the Playing Pitch Strategy online at .