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Strabane company taking the lead in food recycling

25 September 2017

This week is Recycle Week from Monday September 25th to Sunday October 1st.

The initiative aims to encourage the public to consider their waste management through the theme ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ and perhaps no local company represents that ethos better than Strabane company Frylite.

The food oil and waste specialists are based in Orchard Road in the town but their client base stretches all over the island of Ireland making them the leading supplier of vegetable oil and collector of used cooking oil and hard fats in the north and south.

Founded in 1988 by Managing Director Eamon McCay, Frylite introduced a brand new ‘complete oil management system’ to provide caterers and food companies with a ground breaking all in one supply and waste collection service.

“To many of our clients, oil is the lifeblood of their business, without it they wouldn’t be able to keep their fryers running,” explained Eamon.

“We understand, more than most, the importance of providing our customers with a regular, reliable and timely delivery service.

“Depending on the volume of oil you use, clients can drain the waste oil from your fryers directly in to the plastic buckets which we supply. When these are returned to our depot they are cleaned and reused again and again thereby minimising the waste to the environment, making recycling ‘worth it’ for everyone.”

Almost 30 years after they were formed, Frylite continue to be at the cutting edge and forefront of the industry and last year set up a Food Waste Diversion division to help Northern Ireland companies meet new legislation about the separate disposal of food waste.

“Our move towards providing customers with an even more general food waste collection service is seen as a natural progression for us,” explained FWD’s Project Manager Peter Jones.

“We’ve already built a substantial customer base collecting waste oils, so it made sense on all sorts of levels to extend that service to include other types of food waste.

“As well as meeting the legislation there are other added benefits of processing waste food such as helping cut CO2 emissions from landfill, and we are happy to play our part, and encourage our customers to do likewise in contributing to a more healthy and sustainable environment,” he added.

Council have organised a number of events to mark Recycling Week starting with Monday’s ‘What Goes In My Bin?’ information events at the Guildhall and Alley Theatre.

On Tuesday September 26th a ‘Recycling and Reducing Your Household Budget’ seminar will be held at the Pennyburn Recycling Centre before the same event takes place at Strahan’s Road Recycling Centre in Strabane on Wednesday.

On Thursday members of Council’s Waste and Recycling Team will be answering the public’s questions line on Twitter from 7.30pm, to get involved use the hash tag #AskRecycleWk.

For more information about your local recycling scheme, including details of what can and can’t be recycled from around the house, visit www.derrystrabane.com/recycleweek.