Derry City & Strabane - Strathfoyle Community joins together to tackle hate crime




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Strathfoyle Community joins together to tackle hate crime

01 April 2021
Community and political representatives in the Strathfoyle area came together this week to launch a new leaflet highlighting the issue of hate crime and its impact on the local community.
The leaflet has been put together by Derry City and Strabane District Council working with the PSNI and community partners in the Enagh area and aims to raise awareness of race hate and harassment. The leaflet highlights the increase in crimes of this nature in the area, and provides helpful information and contacts for anyone who has been subjected to abuse.
Earlier this month Council invited representatives from a range of local groups to present members with an update on the work ongoing in the community to challenge antisemitism, racism, sectarianism, Islamophobia and other forms of scapegoating in our communities. Members pledged to step up efforts to work with the PSNI, statutory and community partners to abolish all forms of discrimination and abuse.
The leaflet is part of a wider programme of support being delivered by Council's Good Relations Team, and Community Relations Officer Pauline O'Neill said the community in Strathfoyle were keen to send a message that anyone should feel welcome. "Hate crime can take many forms and there has been an increase in incidents in the area which has prompted this action and brought community and political leaders together to take a strong stance on this issue.
"Groups have issued a joint statement which sends a clear message that racism, homophobia, sectarianism, transphobia or any other form of abuse or intolerance is simply not accepted by the Strathfoyle community."
Speaking on behalf of the the Migrant Centre NI who support the victims of race hate and Harassment, Nikki Yau said: "It is very important to the community to know that hate crime is not acceptable and we are here to give full support to all the hate crime victims."