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The Dumped Divorcee Support Group Rides Again at The Alley

29 January 2018

The latest hilarious instalment in Derry writer Irene Melaugh’s smash hit ‘Dumped Divorcee Support Group’ series is coming to Strabane’s Alley Theatre for one night only on Thursday 15th February.

‘The Dumped Divorcee Support Group Rides Again’ is the second in the planned trilogy and features an even larger cast than the original, including some ‘new and outrageous characters’.

The first ‘Dumped Divorcee Support Group’ saw the three childhood friends start another chapter in their lives with new partners but Rosie and Eileen are now homeless and living with Maura in her two bedroom house and the situation is explosive.

Eileen has been de-robed and thrown out of the convent, Rosie has left her man because he was wearing out all her clothes and Eugene, well, that’s another story!

Looking forward to the Strabane performance, the well known writer said this instalment will have something for everyone.

“I really had a ball writing this,” said Irene. “It’s a story that more and more people can identify with. A story of divorce, of being thrown back out there into the jungle, of dating among the wild and idiotic characters these less than lucky women attract.

“Yes, the Three Degrees - Maura, Rosie, Eileen and the increasingly desperate Eugene decide to give The Dumped Divorcee Support Group one more try. 

“It couldn’t be any worse than the first disaster. Could it?”

Among the other characters from the first instalment is the cow clapped Roger-Over-And-Out who reappears from Donegal and attempts to sweep Maura off her feet. 

Eileen’s ex-husband Jack has decided that even though he’s had a gender change and is now Jacklyn, he wants Eileen back.

As for Rosie, she lives in the hope that just one normal man will find his way to the group.

Tickets from Alley Theatre Box Office 02871 384444 or online www.alley-theatre.com.