Derry City & Strabane - Warm welcome for £3m funding boost for City of Derry Airport




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Warm welcome for £3m funding boost for City of Derry Airport

30 March 2022
News that the Department for Infrastructure, in conjunction with the Department of Finance, is to provide up to £3M towards the running costs of City of Derry Airport was warmly welcomed today by Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Alderman Graham Warke.
The announcement was made this afternoon, and Mayor Warke said it was a significant boost to the ongoing development of reliable infrastructure links in the North West region.
"Today's announcement is extremely welcome, particularly after the past two years of the pandemic which have had such a serious impact on the travel industry," he declared.
"This has been a very challenging period and this support provides another boost to the stability of the City of Derry Airport and renewed confidence in the services it has to offer. The airport has a vital role to play in the growth of the local economy, and this funding will aid the ongoing work on route development and securing further investment in the facility.
"The airport is the gateway to the North West Region and is of major strategic importance to local tourism and business, feeding into the economies on both sides of the border. We really need sustained and targeted support for high-quality transport projects that will enhance regional connectivity, and we will continue with the work to explore further opportunities to attract investment and promote connectivity throughout the City and District and wider region."
Steve Frazer, Managing Director at City of Derry Airport, said: "Today's announcement will help to secure the airport's immediate future as a key piece of infrastructure serving the North West and our regional economy. This goes some way to addressing the uncertainty our staff have faced year on year, and allows us to focus on improving the connectivity for everyone in the North West.
"That recognition of our contribution to the region and the burden which until now, has been fully shouldered by the rates payers of Derry and Strabane is a positive step in addressing this imbalance, while retaining the benefits enjoyed by everyone across our wider region.
"The North West has huge potential for businesses to invest and an abundance of potential for increased tourism. Increased connectivity through our local airport is key to maximising the potential of this fantastic region and benefiting all who live, work and visit here."