Let's Learn - 2nd July 2020





Welcome to  the Virtual  Learning Festival

Welcome to Day 2 Learning Fest Hub where all the events will be delivered at the times below. 

We have two different types of events - Video premieres & interactive Zoom sessions.

None of the events require registration just bookmark this page, wait for the hub to go live and get ready to Learn! 


9.00 - Introduction to Podcasting **

Provided by Bluebell Arts

9.15 - Poetry Readings **

Provided by Bluebell Arts

9.15 - STEM explained and the use of Hoop Gliders

Provided by Stemaware

9.30 - Recycled Art

Provided by Creggan Country park


9.45 - Disability Awareness

Provided by Cedar Foundation

10.00 - DIY Construction Series of videos

Provided by CRAFT Training

10.30 - Overcoming health barriers to work by the Condition Management Programme    • LIVE  

Provided by TRUST


11.00 - How to create a game in scratch 

Provided by Nerve Centre


11.15. - Importance of Transversal Skills and the BeReady portal

Provided by North West Regional College

11.30 - Beginners' Pilates Class 

Provided by WHSCT

12.00 - Forest Academy Fun

Provided by Creggan Country Park

12.15 - Get the best from your digtial camera **

Provided by Bluebell Arts

12.30 - Build your own Ipad animation stand

Provided by Nerve Centre

12.45 - Learn how to worm your puppy

Provided by CRAFT training

13:00 - Edible Art

Provided by Creggan Country Park

13.30 - Skype Interview skills Session with Paddy Stewart)

Provided by North West Regional College


14.00 - Warming up the Cold House:Ways forward for English, Irish and Ulster Scots 

Provided by Ulster University

14.15 - Bronagh shares Learning Journey, ambasador of Learning City Programme

Provided by Bronagh Gallagher


14.30 - How to write an excellent UCAS personal statement workshop

Provided by North West Regional College


15.00 - How to Plant a Tree

Provided by Creggan Country Park

15.15 - Learn how to use your gears, remove a wheel and fix a puncture with Emma from Sustrans

Provided by Sustrans

15.45 - Lets Cook

Provided by North West Regional College

16.00 - Mental Health promotion - empowering others developing resilience and creating hope

Provided by Ulster University

16:30 - Learn simple origami

Provided by NW Japanese Community

16.45 - Learn how to bake pizza and in basic italian

Provided by U3A

17.00 - How to set up a local community

Provided by Nintendo Foyle

17.30 - Discussion Panel - An opportunity to engage local and wider communities in discussion of the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare providers, patients and more widely

Provided by Ulster University


19.00 - Filming Hope under lockdown

Provided by Ulster University


19.15 - The Historic Landscape of Boomhall - Recent Archaeological Discovery about the Breaking of the Boom by Queen's Universtity and Boomhall Trust**

Provided by Boomhall Trust

20.00 - Barry Turton - Art Exhibition video - celebrating NHS and Health Care Workes

Provided by Barry Turton

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