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Pavement Café Licences


To view details of current applications, please click here


It is recognised that social distancing may reduce the viability of some premises serving food and drink in or from premises. Using outdoor space, where possible, will assist businesses to reopen safely and serve more customers, while social distancing measures remain in place.

Council is, therefore, now inviting applications for licences for pavement cafés that will permit businesses such as cafes, restaurants and bars to place furniture on public areas for use by customers.

Business must ensure compliance with government legislation and coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance, including social distancing guidelines.  


What is a pavement café licence?

A pavement café licence authorises a person carrying on a business involving the supply of food or drink, in or from premises, such as cafés, restaurants, supermarkets with deli counters, pubs and take-aways, to place furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) on a public area for use by customers.


How much does a pavement café licence cost?

In order to support businesses at this time, the normal fee has been waived and a licence is, therefore, currently free of charge.


How do I apply for a pavement café licence? 

You can download the licence application form here:

Pavement Café Licence - Application Form

Before submitting your application, please read our guidance document, which can be downloaded here:

Pavement Café Licences – Guide for Applicants

On the date you make an application the Public Notice must be completed and displayed in a prominent position at your premises.

The public notice can be downloaded here:

Pavement Café Licence – Guide for Public Notice

To request an application pack by post, you can contact us by telephone or email.


How quickly will licences be issued? 

We aim to issue licences within 5 weeks of receipt of a full and proper application.

If we have received representations, the process will take longer.

Please note: not every location will be suitable for a pavement café licence and licences will be issued with conditions. You are advised, therefore, to wait until you are certain that you will receive a licence and will be able to satisfy the conditions before investing in street furniture.


Contact Information

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