Derry City & Strabane - Sunday Trading Application Form




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Sunday Trading Application Form

Sunday Trading Registration

Following the introduction of the Shops (Sunday Trading & c.) (Northern Ireland) Order in 1997 there have been no restrictions on shopping hours - apart from Sundays. All shops are now able to open without restrictions between Monday and Saturday.

Restrictions on opening times on Sundays are now confined to large shops (defined under the Order as those having an internal sales area of over 280m2). The critical consideration is the floor area definition, which is clarified as meaning the part of the shop within a building that is used for display of goods and customer services.

Large shops that are situated in an area designated as a holiday resort can apply to open on 18 Sundays between the 1st March - 30th September in any calendar year excluding Easter Sunday outside the hours of 1am-6pm. (Please note that the previous Derry City Council area is designated as a holiday resort therefore eligible premises within this area can avail of this extension however the previous Strabane District Council area has not been designated as a holiday resort, therefore this exemption does not apply to premises within the old Strabane Council area).

The city council keeps a public register of the large shops operating in its area, which can be viewed at the address below upon request.

Small shops are not covered by these restrictions and can open freely. The Shops (Sunday Trading & c.) (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 also includes specific measures to protect the rights of shop workers who do not wish to work on Sunday.

Apart from the restrictions mentioned above it is left to individual owners to determine their opening hours in the light of customer demand.


The Shop (Sunday Trading Act & c.) (Northern Ireland) Order 1997

Notice of Proposed Sunday Opening