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What is Stardust?

STARDUST is an EU Horizon 2020 Smart Cities project, which brings together advanced European cities, thus forming into a constellation of “innovation islands” – exemplary models of smart, highly efficient, intelligent and citizen-oriented cities.

Derry City and Strabane District Council is expecting to benefit from its participation in STARDUST, Holistic and Integrated Urban Model for Smart Cities through the knowledge transfer and implementation of the replication plan developed. 

The STARDUST consortium has the Lighthouse Cities of Pamplona (Spain), Tampere (Finland) and Trento (Italy) with follower cities of Korzani (Greece), Litomerice (Czech Republic), Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Derry City and Strabane Council along with a number of research centres, industry partners and SME’s throughout Europe.

Based on their own strategy, knowledge and expertise, the Lighthouse Cities will assist the Follower Cities to develop a replication and implementation strategy linked to common themes including energy, sustainable mobility, and ICT to achieve carbon reduction.

Technical green solutions and innovative non-technical solutions will be implemented and validated, enabling them to be bankable and replicable for other cities. Indeed, STARDUST will lighten up the path for cities to relish a more sustainable livelihood by interweaving innovation and imagination at your fingertips.

The STARDUST consortium is composed of 30 organizations’ from 9 different countries: 7 cities, 4 research institutions, 6 SMEs and 13 industrial partners. They represent all the different stakeholders targeted by STARDUST. These include research experts, public authorities, industrial partners, SMEs, dissemination and exploitation experts, and investors.

The benefits of STARDUST will help the Council achieve its medium and long term goals to increase energy efficiency, increase the uptake of local renewable energy sources and help meet its obligations to mitigate against climate change.  This will ultimately lead to an improvement in the local community, the environment and the well-being of residents potentially adding economic wealth in terms of job creation and increased wealth. 

Visit STARDUST website -

Twitter - Stardust @stardusth2020

Link to the STARDUST video -

For More Information contact: 

Leo Strawbridge, Energy Manager

Ciara Burke, Project Officer (Smart Cities)

Telephone - 028 7125 3253

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 774094