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Relay Info


Looks like the WHM 3 person team relay format really hits the spot with a lot of runners and its good to see another impressive entry for the " bite size " approach to running a Half Marathon.

Here's the low down on the different legs!

πŸƒ‍♀️ Leg 1
The first is the longest, almost exactly 5 miles, the hand over point is at the Gransha Roundabout with an early input of incline from the start in Ebrington, up the Limavady road to St Columb's Road before a downhill through St Columb's Park and turning right onto the flat Waterwside Greenway heading for Gransha. A little pull up under the Foyle Bridge and you are in the Gransha grounds. A few right turns and past the 3 mile mark at the U3A Foyle building, (a Water Station and Toilet here,) and heading past the Grangewood Unit to turn left down the Main Avenue towards the Administration offices. Left here for a short loop on the Horseshoe before heading out the back road to the A2 Dual Carriageway junction. Over 4 and a half miles gone and down to the Gransha roundabout at 5 mile and the changeover to your second leg runner.  

πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♂️ Leg 2
Leg 2 starts slightly downhill to the Foyle Bridge and a Runners Lane which takes you, initially downhill, before a drag up to the top of the impressive Foyle Bridge and 6 miles. Over the top, more downhill, a chance to recover, and just past the Layby on your right it’s onto the pavement for the short run up the Culmore Road. Right turn at the Traffic lights before the Foyle Hospice entrance and drop down the path towards the historic Boomhall.
7 miles at the bottom of the hill—a Toilet here- and another Water Station a little further on at Boomhall, more downhill past Boomhall and drop into Bay Road Park. A long flat stretch along the River bank and exit onto Bay Road at 8 miles. More flat stretches and left at Fort George onto the Riverside Greenway, past Sainsbury’s to the handover at KFC , close to 9 miles. The shortest leg maybe but probably best suited to the strongest runner in your team, given the Foyle Bridge challenge. 

πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍♀️ Leg 3
Leg 3, Stay on the Greenway all flat here, past the Council offices and thru the Council Car Parks, a Water station and Toilet here, and out onto the road at Queens Quay, opposite the HSS shop. In a Runners Lane again all the way past the Guildhall and Bus station, 10 mile coming up, and thru the John Street roundabout past the underdeck of Craigavon Bridge to head along Foyle Road. Water Station and Toilet at Railway Museum!
On past the Coshowen Estate just before 11 miles and a quick left and left, to make your way back along the Cityside Greenway to return towards the city centre. Run to the Railway Museum-- water station and toilet available--out onto Foyle Road again road past the John Street Car park to pick up the Greenway again and head for the Peace Bridge with 12 miles now on the clock.
A right turn onto the Peace Bridge, cross it and drop right again to pick up the Greenway and run past Browning Drive before a short right uphill onto the St Columb’s Park running track and a 150 metre run in to the finish on the track.  A 4.1 mile leg predominantly flat and fast and you can take the plaudits and meet up with your team mates in the grass infield to the left of the Finish Gantry.

The final Relay runner will receive the 3 Relay Team members Medals!
Sounds simple or what!!! Hope it helps your preparations for Sunday 4th!! Good Luck and Enjoy Yourselves!!
 πŸšŒβ€‹  A Bus shuttle service will be available to get runners to and from the handover locations.

Leg 2 runners can get it at the Foyle Arena at 9.15am,

Leg 3 runners from the same spot at 9.50am and it will do a loop back to Gransha and Sainsbury’s to collect runners after completing their respective legs. 

NB:  The Electronic Timing Chip is embedded in the third leg runner's Race Number,. That is the number ending with a C.

 Make sure he / she wears it so your finish place and time will be recorded!!!!! 

πŸ“ŒRelay Runners must be 15 years and above on Race Day