Derry City & Strabane - Regeneration 




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Our Heritage

  • Heritage plays a key role in the economic, social and environmental regeneration of our City, Towns and Villages. 
  • The Built Heritage and wider Historic Environment sets us apart as a place to visit and explore. 
  • Heritage provides a unique backdrop and a source of inspiration for our vibrant arts and culture sector enjoyed by our residents and visitors.

Our Historic Environment

  • When we talk about the historic environment, we mean the impacts of humanity upon our environment over time.
  • Examples of Heritage Assets are historic landscapes, archaeology, monuments, buildings and historic features
  • Such assets can be both formally protected or be identified as having some heritage interest.


Our Heritage Assets

  • We have 862 archaeological sites and monuments, notably the City Walls, the 14th century Harry Avery Castle (Newtownstewart) and the 15th century Derg Castle (Castlederg).
  • There are 128 scheduled monuments in the Council are as well as 14 monuments in State Care.
  • We have 675 Listed Buildings
  • We have 9 registered historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes and 13 additional parks, gardens and demesnes
  • This includes: Historic Monuments; Listed Buildings; Industrial Heritage; Defence Heritage; Battlefields; Maritime Heritage; Historic Parks and Gardens; and Areas of Archaeological Potential.


Protecting our Heritage Assets

  • Plans to alter any listed buildings requires Listed Building Consent which is administered by the planning division of the Council.  

Our Heritage Areas

  • Within our Council there are identified areas of architectural and historic interest. 
  • These are Conservation Areas and Areas of Townscape Village Character.

Our Conservation Areas

We have 5 Conservation Areas within the Council area, which are areas of special architectural or historic interest.

  • Sion Mils designated in 1977
  • Newtownstewart 1993
  • Historic City 1977/extended in 2006
  • Clarendon Street 1978/ extended 2006
  • Magee 2006

Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest. 

Our Areas of Townscape Character

These areas have distinct character usually based on historic built form or layout.  There are four Areas of Townscape Character identified from the Derry Area Plan 2011.  This designation was not available at the time of the Strabane Area Plan in 1991.

  • Victoria Park
  • Bond’s Hill
  • Eglinton
  • Culmore

Our Museum & Heritage Service

  • The Tower Museum and Guildhall contains many fascinating objects which tells us more about our heritage. 
  • The Service also manages the City Archive and offers a Learning and Outreach Service, Genealogy advice and a range of exhibitions and events 
  • One example is the stunning selection of architectural drawings submitted for by-law approval to the old Londonderry Corporation and the Londonderry Development Commission

Further information regarding our heritage contact:

Margaret Edwards

Heritage Development Officer

Derry City and Strabane District Council

Telephone: (028) 71 253253 Ext. 8425