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Advice for Parents

  • Discuss and agree where your child will be on the night.
  • Discuss and agree with your child on a reasonable time to be home.
  • Discuss and agree with your child on how they will get to and from an event.
  • Arrange a meeting point e.g. Guildhall, The Diamond or the City Hotel.
  • You and your child should ensure that you can be contacted. It is wise to have a friend’s number and/or have the phone number and address of the event (if practical).
  • If your child is going to a friend’s house, find out which adults will be present. 
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged and if possible you have credit (however remember that emergency 999 calls are always free);
  • As a parent/responsible adult, it would be wise to moderate your alcohol intake in case of emergency.  If you have agreed to be a driver in case of an emergency, avoid drinking alcohol.

Teenagers & Hallowe’en

  • Be organised
  • Accompany your teenagers into the town centre, know where they are and arrange to meet up or have their travel plans in place when the event is over
  • Taxi points are available