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Advice for Young People

Under 18 Entertainment & Homeward Bound

  • Entertainment on Hallowe’en night will finish at 10pm and in Strabane at 8.40pm. 

Enjoy the night safely & sensibly

  •  Drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be part of the night.

  • The police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under 18.

  • Know your limits
  • Avoid alcohol when feeling down.
  • Do not mix drink and drugs.
  • Do not leave your friends.
  • Plan your safe journey home.
  • Make sure parents know your plans.
  • Have fun.
  • Arrange a meeting place if you and your friends get separated. (however, remember that emergency 999 calls are always free). 
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged and if possible you have credit (however remember that emergency 999 calls are always free).
  • If you are going to a friend’s house, make sure your parents know which adults will be present;
  • Pubs, clubs and off licences will all check for ID on Hallowe’en night. 
  • No one under 18 will be able to gain entry and all identification will be checked. 
  • If they cannot recognise you from identification due to your costume you will be turned away. 

ID Requirements

To ensure your safety, alcohol cannot be carried on the streets (and will be seized from anyone who cannot prove they are over 18), marshals, community safety wardens and police officers will be on duty.