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Alcohol – Key Messages

Everyone playing their part

Our Hallowe’en celebrations is a time to celebrate but we want to encourage everyone to play their part in making it a successful event.

Working collaboratively and proactively

Safety in the City Centre is a key priority and many agencies work together to plan and manage the Hallowe’en Festival to make sure that the event is safe.   
Event stewards, staff from community organisations, council and police will be on the ground working pro-actively together as a positive presence, providing support and helping to ensure alcohol misuse is minimised.
Police will be writing to and working with licenced premises in the run up to the event and will be carrying out visits to off-sales and licenced premises to liaise with staff regarding obligations and key messages.
Council Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) will be carrying out visits to licenced premises and off-sales in the run up to the event to discuss the importance of employers managing health and safety.  During these visits EHOs will also be working with employers and staff to help re-inforce key messages regarding alcohol.


“Enjoy the Craic” but behave responsibly and be aware that the way in which you behave will be an example to younger members of your family. 
Be a positive role model for children and young people attending the event. Take responsibility for your child/young person’s whereabouts and behaviour.  
It is illegal to purchase alcohol for under 18s – commonly known as proxy purchasing.  Anyone found to be buying alcohol for minors or sending them to buy alcohol, could face a fine of up to £5000 or prison of up to 6 months or both.


Enjoy the Carnival but be safe. Agree a safe meeting point.
Drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be part of the celebration. For young people, drinking Alcohol is harmful as your body is still developing.
Binge drinking makes you ill and damages your health. You are at greater risk of accidents and assaults. It makes you unsafe. It ruins your night as well as others.
The police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under 18. It’s ok not to drink. The longer you delay drinking alcohol the less likely it is you will have problems in your later life.