Derry City & Strabane - Social Enterprise: Be The Change




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Social Enterprise: Be The Change


A must attend event for Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises in the UK contribute £60 billion to the economy and employing around two million people. Social Enterprises offer an alternative approach to business, one that prioritises both people and the planet. This event celebrates the power and impact of our social enterprise economy and provides an understanding of the benefits of creating an economy with social value at its heart, delivering real change within local communities.

Brian O’Brian, Director of Development & Enterprise, Enterprise North West, will lead an diverse panel of speakers who will highlight the strength of our social enterprise sector and offer valuable perspectives on building an economy with a social purpose.

This event will also bring together a diverse group of panelists who are dedicated to creating sustainable social impact, sparking discussions and fostering shared learning. Networking opportunities will be available for attendees to connect and collaborate towards a shared goal of sustainable social impact.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Brian O'Neill, Director of Development & Enterprise, Enterprise North West, will talk about his involvement in the social enterprise development of the North West of Ireland.  
  • Dave Linton, Founder of Madlug, a social enterprise and registered charity, will share how Madlug is making a difference by giving 100,000 pack away travel bags to children in care across the UK and Ireland. 
  • Nigel Hampton, founder of incredABLE, will share how his small project has grown into a charity with over 80 employees and a yearly turnover of £2 million. 

Other speakers and Panelists:

  • Colin Jess, CEO, Social Enterprise NI, who will speak on the benefits of social value in procurement. 
  • Trishna Nath, Portfolio Lead, UnLtd, who will discuss portfolio management and pre and post investment support. Trishna is attending as a representative of the representative of Growth Impact Fund and UnLtd Investment team which provides social investment for early stage, growing organisations.
  • Ursula Doherty, Manager, Strabane Community Project, who will speak about the Grass Roots Café and Food Market in Strabane and its training opportunities. 


Why Attend?

This event is ideal for anyone interested in learning about social enterprise as a potential business model and for established social enterprises and charities seeking to achieve their growth goals. You'll hear from industry experts on current and future support, as well as opportunities for grant funding and alternative finance.

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