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Brexit Advice


The UK left the European Union on the 31 January 2020 and there is now a Transition Period until 31st Dec 2020 while the UK and EU negotiate additional arrangements. The current rules on trade, travel, and business for the UK and EU will continue to apply during the transition period. New rules will take effect on 1 January 2021. There is more info on the transition period on https://www.gov.uk/transition

Comprehensive information about Brexit and how it might impact Northern Ireland and people living here is available from on the NI Direct website. A number of government departments and agencies are providing help for businesses to prepare for BREXIT (ie after the Transition Period), in the form of information and advice – see link below:-



Brexit - guidance for the food industry

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the Food Standards Agency has published guidance on the steps your business may need to take. While the current requirements for food will continue to apply with no or limited changes for most businesses, there may be significant changes to what some specific types of businesses including approved premises, importers and exporters need to do.

The UK Government has published the following additional sources of guidance: 

  • Guidance on importing and exporting animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin after EU Exit
  • The Defra website has the latest information on the work that Defra are doing.

This information will be updated as the government and EU made decisions and requirements become clearer.

Brexit – guidance on consumer product safety

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the UK government has published a range of guidance relating to consumer product safety, which can be accessed from the links below:

  • The UK has left the EU - Find out what this means for you. How to get ready for new rules in 2021 can be found here
  • UK product safety and metrology changes from 1 January 2021 - A guide to help businesses and regulators check if their responsibilities or tasks will change and how to prepare can be found here
  • UK product safety and metrology from 1 January 2021 - Detailed guides for businesses on specific product safety and metrology regulations from 1 January 2021 can be found here
  • Product safety law: compliance advice for manufacturers and importers - How to ensure the products you make or import comply with the law and are safe for consumers to use can be found here
  • Product safety advice for businesses - What you need to know about and do to comply with the law and keep consumers safe can be found here
  • Product safety for businesses: A to Z of industry guidance - Find out which regulations apply to your products and where to go for further information on how to comply with them can be found here
  • EU Construction Products Regulation and CE marking, including UK product contact point for construction products can be found here
  • Further advice on consumer product safety is available from the Consumer Protection section of our website here and from the Office for Product Safety and Standards here

For further information on BREXIT see https://www.derrystrabane.com/Brexit