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Report Dog Fouling

Bag it Bin it

 🐶 It is an offence not to clean up after your dog
Allowing a dog to foul without clearing it up is littering and you can get an £80 on the spot fine.

 🐶 Advice
Always pick up dog waste and put it in the nearest litter bin. You can use any plastic bag and any litter bin, including your black bin at home. Don't put dog waste in your blue or brown bins as this will contaminate them.

 🐶 Tips 
Carry a plastic bag or 'poop scoop' with you
Teach your dog to go to the toilet in your garden before you leave home
Never let your dog onto the street to foul

If you see dog fouling that needs clearing up click HERE for further advice

Click HERE to read our leaflet on responsible dog ownership

Contact Details

Dog Control Team
 📞  02871253253 
 📧 [email protected]​​