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Water Quality

In Northern Ireland, drinking water is either provided through a public supply or via a private water supply. Northern Ireland Water is the public supplier and provides water to over 99% of the of the population in Northern Ireland with the remainder being served by private water supplies such as wells, bore holes or springs.


Registration and Monitoring of Private Water Supplies

If you have a private water supply which is shared with other householders or used in the course of a business e.g. renting holiday accommodation or using water for food production, you must register your supply with the Drinking Water Inspectorate under the Private Water Supplies Regulations.  You will complete a registration form and your supply will be placed on a monitoring programme to check that it meets the water quality standards in the Regulations and a Risk Assessment of your supply will also be carried out.


The location of private water supplies across Northern Ireland which have been registered with the Drinking Water Inspectorate under the Regulations are available via a Spatial NI web based app.

Spatial NI App for Registered Private Water Supplies

For further information, contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate

T:  028 9056 9282



Private supplies at single domestic dwellings such as wells, boreholes or springs are not required to be monitored by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and you may contact the Council’s Environmental Health Department who may be able to assist with microbiological sampling of your water supply.

For further information, contact the Health, Housing and Public Conveniences Team

T:  028 71253253 

E: health&


Report a problem with your Public Water Supply

If you have a problem with a burst water mains, your mains drinking water or a blocked public sewer contact Northern Ireland Water

T:  03457 440088


Water Pollution

Northern Ireland Environment Agency  is responsible for the investigation of pollution of watercourses and coastal waters as well as protecting rivers, streams and lakes.  The Northern Ireland Environment Agency is also concerned with the quantity and quality of underground water.

If you become aware of an urgent  water pollution incident contact the Water Pollution Hotline

T:  0800 80 70 60