Derry City & Strabane - Next Steps – From LDP draft Plan Strategy Onwards




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Next Steps – From LDP draft Plan Strategy Onwards


This LDP draft Plan Strategy (dPS) is a consultation document, to which representations can be made for the formal consultation period.  The PS document is widely available, together with the associated documents. Public Meetings were held throughout the District during December 2019 and January 2020, with the consultation period closing on 27th January. In March and April 2020, a period of consultation for Counter-Representations was commenced, but this was cancelled due to the Coronavirus restrictions. Due to a procedural error with the original consultation for Representations, the Council undertook a period of re-consultation on the LDP draft Plan Strategy (dPS), for a period of 8 weeks from 11th September to 6th November 2020.

Following the above consultation, we sorted the Representations, published them and held a further 8-week consultation for Counter-Representations from 27th November 2020 to 22nd January 2021. Following detailed consideration of the Representations received, a Schedule of Proposed Changes was subject to a formal 8-week public consultation from 9th December 2021 to 3rd February 2022. The draft Plan Strategy and supporting documents were then finalised and submitted to the Department for Infrastructure on 20th May 2022  They will now assess it and request an Independent Examination to be held (IE). The IE will be held and an IE Report issued to DfI. If it is considered to be ‘sound’, the Council will amend as appropriate and Adopt the LDP Plan Strategy (PS).

The Council will then commence the LDP Local Policies Plan (LPP) and go through a similar process.  The Local Policies Plan (LPP) will follow around the end of 2023 in accordance with the published Timetable (see summary below).  Hence, the LDP will be completed, for implementation / delivery (with subsequent Monitoring and Review) to help the Council to make Derry City and Strabane District a thriving, prosperous and sustainable area – Planning for balanced and appropriate high-quality development, whilst protecting our environment, and also promoting well-being with equality of opportunity for all.




Key Stages In Timetable For Preparation Of Our Local Development Plan


Derry City and Strabane District

Local Development Plan 2032 (LDP)

OVERVIEW of LDP Preparation


LDP Stage

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Stage

May 2016


SCI and Timetable Launch

Prepare Evidence Base

Baseline Information for SA 

Scoping Report

May 2017

Launch LDP Preferred Options Paper (POP) 

Launch SA Interim Report


Autumn 2019


Draft LDP Plan Strategy (PS)




SA Report (PS), HRA Report, EQIA,

Rural Needs


2020 -2022

dPS Re-consultation

Consultation for Counter-Representations

Consideration of Reps & 

Schedule of proposed changes to dPS 



Monitoring Commences



Submission to Dfl and to PAC

Hold Independent Examination (IE) 

Prepatory Work for LDP Local Policies Plan (LPP) 


Addendums to SA, HRA, EQIA and RNIA.






Finalise LDP Plan Strategy

Commence LPP 

Issue Draft LDP Local Policies Plan (LPP)

Hold Independent Examination (IE) 

Finalise Local Policies Plan 


SA Adoption Statement (PS )

SA Monitoring of PS 

SA Report (LPP) 

SA Adoption Statement (LPP)

Stage E