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St Patrick's Day Derry

Winter has faded into the light and we’re celebrating the arrival of Spring in all its colourful splendour with a magical programme of music, dance, food and folklore.

Highlights include, our vibrant St Patrick’s Day ‘Rebirth & Renewal’ Carnival Parade, The ‘mythical enchanted garden’ and traditional Irish music and dance.

Visit Waterloo Place to start your Spring Carnival adventure from 1pm until 6pm daily.   See what's on.

Rebirth and Renewal 

Formed from nine blossoms
Nine buds of plant and tree
A goddess of spring and dawn
Heralds growth, rebirth and renewal
And the darkness all but gone

Boldeuwedd, Brigid, Sita and Rafu-Sen too
All spring dieties that bring life and renew
Come rejoice and join the carnival
And dance like daffodils in the sun
Plant a seed for spring has surely sprung.

Spring begins with the first green shoots of growth and explodes into a multitude of beautiful blossoms.  Many flowers associated with this time of year such as daffodils, have bright yellow blooms heralding the triumph of the sun.  The yellow centre of the daisy has association with Celtic tradition not only the sun, but also the yoke of eggs that are first laid at this time of year.

In ancient times many festivals were held to celebrate Spring goddesses associated with flowering, growth and the fertility of the land.  There are several Celtic goddesses that include Brigit, who in her maiden aspect is honoured at the festival of Imbolc.  Other Celtic goddesses include Ostara whose symbols have been incorporated into the Christian festival of Easter and Boldeuwedd created by the magic from nine spring flowers.  There are similar goddesses in Roman, Greek, Nordic, Norse, East European, Hindu, African and Japanese Cultures.    

As the dark skies of winter fall away, Derry, Strabane and District will welcome the spring with open arms in a cacophony of colour as hundreds of performers from throughout local communities take to the streets in a celebration of St Patricks day and the promise of Rebirth and Renewal.

See what's on