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Extended Advice Services

More people than ever are facing debt and money worries, this has increased because of Covid-19.
Many households have experienced unexpected changes in circumstance such as redundancy, sickness, reduction of income or insecure income.

Advice North West, Dove House and the Resource Centre have come together to offer a tailored provision to meet the immediate financial and debt needs of the citizens of Derry and Strabane.
The advice centres will operate “out of hours” and in addition to current advice service provision. Services offered will include benefit maximisation, debt advice, financial health checks, advice on setting up a bank account, budgeting advice.

Anyone can find themselves in debt or have difficulty juggling finances. Whether you have one small debt, many larger debts or if you simply struggle to manage your budgets, we can help you with the situation and sort things out.

The advice centres can: 

  • help make sure you are getting all
  • benefits that you are entitled to
  • offer debt advice
  • help you to plan and manage your money
  • offer advice on safe borrowing
  • help to set up a bank account​

Download Leaflet Here


Advice Service Providers

  • Advice North West
  • Dove House Community Trust
  • Resource Centre Derry

Derry City and Strabane District Council currently funds three Advice Service Providers as follows:-

Advice North West                             

5th Floor Embassy Building
3 Strand Road
BT48 7BH
Telephone:0300 3033 650


​​17 Dock Street
BT82 8EE
Telephone:0300 3033 650

Debt/Money Advice line: 02871370337


Extended Opening Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 5pm to 9pm l Saturday: 9am to 1pm
Tel: 0300 303 3650

Members of the public seeking advice in relation to benefits and workers rights are encouraged to visit the Advice North West’s website

Dove House Community Trust                                      

32 Meenan Square
BT48 9EX
Telephone:  028 7126 9327

Extended Opening Hours:  
Monday - Thursday: 5pm to 9pm l Saturday: 9am to 1pm


Resource Centre Derry                                                 

BT48 8BA
Telephone:  028 7135 2832

Extended Opening Hours
Monday - Tuesday: 5pm to 9pm l Saturday: 11am to 1pm