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Fly Tipping

​Fly tipping continues to be an issue for Council and our enforcement team are on the ground actively investigating all incidents of fly-tipping.  It is an offence to dump indiscriminately and you could face a Fixed Penalty Notice or a fine imposed by the court.

Protecting our environment and keeping our streets, laneways and greenways clean are still a priority and everyone has their role to play.

Fly tipping can cause obstructions and can lead to a build up of other waste.  Some people may not think they are doing anything wrong when they fly tip but it is a criminal offence which can carry a fine and possible prosecution.

Examples of fly tipping you may not be aware of:

  • Putting items on public streets/highways

Putting Items to be collected by charitable organisations, etc. onto the street can be seen as fly tipping.  Keep these items on your property until the agreed date of collection.

  • Putting items by communal bins

Putting items of furniture, appliances, etc. by communal bins, wheeled bins or other refuse areas is fly tipping.  These items cannot be collected with normal household bin waste and must be disposed of in a legal and safe way.  This can be done by using our recycling centres or by booking a bulky waste collection through our Cleansing Section by contacting 02871374107

  • Someone else fly tipping your waste

If you give your waste to someone else to dispose of and it is fly tipped you could be held responsible.

Click on the button to report fly tipping: 

Report it

If you see someone committing the offence of dumping or you come across refuse already dumped you can contact our Waste Enforcement Team on 02871 253253 or email [email protected] 

If possible make a note of the following information:

  • Date, time and location
  • Description of person or persons seen dumping
  • Vehicle details including make, model, colour and registration
  • Type of waste and how much eg. Couple of bags, lorry load, etc

Please leave your name and contact details so we may get back to you.  All information will be kept confidential.

Please do not:

  • Approach the offenders - they may become violent
  • Touch the waste – it may contain syringes, broken glass, asbestos or other hazardous substances
  • Disturb the site – there may be evidence that could identify the offenders and lead to their prosecution

Thank you for helping to keep our streets clean

Refuse Collection and Disposal

Along with the blue recycling bin and food waste bin, the black wheelie bin that each household has should be of sufficient capacity to hold the refuse for a family and there should be no reason for excess waste.

If you are in rented accommodation it is the responsibility of your landlord to provide the bins so please speak to them about issuing you with them.

If you do not have both a black and a blue bin you may buy one by contacting 02871253253​.

If you are experiencing difficulties with waste management due to the COVID-19 pandemic contact our helpline